5 Common Repairs That Need to Be Done to Your House

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A proper maintenance routine and regular home inspection are vital to keeping everything in place, steady and secure from harmful accidents. Upon our inspections through stuff from appliances to furniture, we tend to discover some things that need to be fixed right away.

That’s why every homeowner must know how to deal with this matter if they want to achieve a safe and healthy abode. Want a safer place you can call home? Here are the five most common repairs that need to be done to your house so you can live without worry.

Faulty Garage Door

Your garage door can get annoyingly noisy when it opens up. The sound can be so loud that this can cause a disturbance to anyone who’s nearby. A faulty garage door can be repaired through replacements and reinstallations on some parts, especially the door’s hinges. The rollers in the metal track might also get worn out, resulting in noisy bearings.

The garage window is also prone to accidents, including getting hit by a ball from the kids playing outside. Leaving your garage window open can put you, your family, and your valuables at risk. Birds and insects may also take up residence in your garage and enter through any broken windows. Consider calling a professional garage door repair when you want to get your garage door problems fixed as soon as possible.

Dripping Faucet

A dripping or leaking faucet is a common problem for homeowners. The only two things to stop this are fixing or replacing it. Fixing and replacing it is not the hardest thing to do; you can do these things on your own with proper research.

Instead, the most challenging part of dealing with this problem is choosing and finding the right replacement parts. For convenience, bring the old removed parts to the store where you will buy the faucet’s replacements and can DIY reinstall it. For a better outcome, you can ask help from plumbers available in your area.

Random Water Leaks

Sometimes, we think that our house keeps on having water leaks every time, including roof leaks, which are not easy to locate. You need to climb up your roof and look for any damages or “shiners” causing such leaks.

Leaking water pipes, on the other hand, is a different matter. This is primarily caused by worn-out sealing and a losing fitting between pipes. Just put some epoxy using a putty knife and cover the leak with rubber. Tighten the rubber with a bracket on both ends and let it sit for an hour before letting the water flow. If the leak is still there, then consider changing the pipe altogether.

Wobbly Chairs and Tables

Unsteady furniture is probably one of the most annoying problems in your house. You won’t have a good time using it when you sit on a chair or eat on a wobbly table. Luckily, you can quickly fix this annoying problem. For wobbly furniture, buy a shim and attach it to the legs. Other shims are adjustable, depending on the furniture.

You can use substitute shims with coins or small wooden blocks for a cheaper repair. You can stack the coins depending on the level and apply glue to each coin to be steady. Apply glue to the stacked and glued coin and put it under the chair and table’s legs. For wood blocks, adjust the blocks’ size to fill the ground’s gap to the legs.

Another remedy for this is to reassemble and reglue your chair and table. Disassemble the parts of your chair and table; better to label them for easy identification. Scrape out the old sticking glue on the joining parts using a chisel. Once the joints are clean, apply epoxy to the joints and let them dry. Use bar clamps to put the parts tightly together.

Flickering and Humming Fluorescent Light

The constant flickering of the lights inside your home may look good for some, but living with it can make everyone feel nauseous. Pair that flicker with that annoying humming from the lights, and you have one of the most uncomfortable situations.

Fortunately, this can be repaired. After switching off the circuit breaker or unplugging the light, you detach the bulbs and uncover the fixture. Cut all the old ballast wirings and remove the ballast by screwing. Install the new ballast in the fixture. Please have proper research before doing this procedure. You can also try replacing the bulbs or the lights. Most of the time, faulty bulbs often cause such problems.

Bonus Tip for Tired-Looking White Doors

White internal doors are classic and elegant, but over time, your white doors may start to show some wear and tear in the form of chipped paint. You can touch up these areas with a fresh coat of paint to keep them looking sharp.

If your white doors look dull or faded, you may need to refinish them. This process involves sanding down the door, applying a new coat of paint or stain, and then protecting the finish with a sealant. Refinishing your doors can be a big project, so you might want to leave it to the professionals if you’re not comfortable taking it on yourself.


Learning these common repairs is crucial for your home to last long ages. Not only will your house last considerably longer, but you and your family will also feel more comfortable living in it. Avoid the hassle and find out what needs fixing in your room. By having a more preventive attitude towards the stuff in your house, you’ll sleep more soundly at night, knowing that everything is all fine.

Deck Repair

A wooden deck offers many benefits, from providing the ideal spot for hosting parties with friends or family to adding aesthetic appeal to your exterior and even boosting the value of your home. But if you don’t maintain the deck well, refinishing or replacing it with a new one might cost a lot of money. To prevent such costly mistakes, always keep the deck tidy and clean. If you notice your wood deck is ageing or the paint is flecked, applying a fresh coat of paint is best. The best paint for an old deck can survive harsh outdoor conditions like heavy rain, extreme temperatures and dirt. Also, regularly inspect your deck to see if there’s any insect invasion or damage before it gets worse.

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