5 Gadgets to Buy for Your New Student Accommodation

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College students are generally really busy. On any given day, you may be attending classes, preparing for assignments or examinations, attending social events, joining clubs, or attending parties.

The biggest change, however, is moving into student accommodation. And one of the biggest questions that come with that move is what gadgets you need to buy for your accommodation.

You need to buy a couple of gadgets and items that serve utility — those that entertain, inform, or heal. You need sources of entertainment, or you’ll be driven batshit. You need sources of information, gadgets that help you with your education. And you need sources of healing, i.e., gadgets that improve your health and mental wellbeing.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 5 gadgets to buy for your new student accommodation.


  1. Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Student accommodations can be extremely loud and noisy. Try as you may, you can’t prevent other people from coming in, hosting parties, or listening to loud music.

Noise-canceling headphones help you block out all external sounds and focus. If you’re working on an assignment or studying for an examination, then noise cancellation headphones will save your life!


  1. Air Purifiers

You may balk at the suggestion that you need to buy an air purifier. But trust us, you do.

College dorm rooms — or any student accommodation for that matter — aren’t really known for their health and hygiene. Most student accommodations are dank with the smell of cigarette smoke, stale fast food, beer, and a whole lot more. They’re a veritable who’s who of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

As such, students often fall sick because of the unsanitary conditions in their accommodations.

Even if you’re personally hygienic and clean, your room or accommodation’s general cleanliness isn’t just up to you. Whether you like it or not, your accommodation will see lots of smoking, drinking, and parties.  

According to an expert “The use of a portable air purifier is to improve the indoor air environment.  Some air cleaners work by trapping allergens like airborne pet dander or pollen in their physical filters, capturing particles, as air passes through them.  In fact, HEPA filters are designed to filter out at least 99.7% of particles of 0.3 microns or larger diameter.”  Most student accommodations aren’t very large, so you can also get a small air purifier. They’ll be a massive help to you after parties, and they’ll make you feel a lot better.

Sure, air purifiers are expensive. But if the entire household chips in, they’re pretty manageable.


  1. Heated Travel Mug

People spend a lot of money on Starbucks coffee.

Do you feel the need to sip on hot coffee while taking notes in class? Instead of spending money on coffee every day, carry a heated travel mug.

You can prepare coffee at home and carry it in the heated travel mug. Wherever you may be, you can connect the travel mug to a power source to ensure the coffee remains hot.

Once you’re in class, you can connect it to your laptop’s USB and enjoy steaming coffee. 


  1. Kindle Voyage

College students need to do a lot of reading. Carrying a dozen different books around isn’t just painful, but it’s also expensive.

Instead of constantly purchasing new books, invest in a Kindle Voyage. With a Kindle, you gain access to hundreds of thousands of titles on every possible subject, which you can then buy or borrow.

Kindle also comes with a nightlight feature, so you don’t disturb your roommates at night.


  1. Fitbit Flex

Student life can be pretty tumultuous, and most students go through their days without a fixed or steady routine.

Fitbit Flex can help you track your sleep, eating, steps, and general fitness. As such, you can make the most of your day and fall into a healthy routine — or at least as healthy as possible.

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