5 Home Staging Tips to Speed Up Your House Sale

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Even in a market that leans towards sellers, ensuring your property sells within an optimal time frame can be an uphill battle. This challenge is often due to the need to present your home in a manner that lets potential buyers visualize themselves residing there.

To assist you in stepping back from your own space, we’ve assembled a compilation of top strategies for effectively staging a house for sale. With these insights, you’ll see that “SOLD” sign adorning your front yard quicker than anticipated.

Clean Your Countertops, Windows, Pantry, and Cabinets

A swift spritzing will ensure your windows and countertops sparkle during your showings. Regarding the pantry, eliminate any empty cereal boxes, pasta packets, or other items that are used up or outdated. Organize the remaining items into similar categories and keep them in the same part of your cabinets.

Follow the same procedure for your cabinets, particularly if they have glass doors or open shelves. The aim is to prevent giving the impression of insufficient kitchen storage space. If you have excess plates or cups, pack them into a box and place them in a different location.


When contemplating buying a house, individuals often like to project their lifestyle and belongings into that area. However, your items can hinder this mental projection, creating a barrier for potential buyers to visualize themselves as homeowners.

To get a fair price from  cash buyers, declutter and remove all personal artifacts from visible areas, including family photos, possessions, artwork, and clothing, among other items. This allows them to effectively picture themselves occupying the house without any distractions from personal effects.


Excess clutter can consume a considerable amount of space, and the availability of space is a crucial factor in expediting a home sale. Clutter influences the selling process of a house in two critical ways: it diverts the potential buyers’ focus from the property’s attributes. It causes the house to appear overcrowded and unattractive.

Decluttering your home might be among the most difficult tasks due to its time-consuming nature. However, it remains one of the most vital steps to address as it plays a significant role in the selling process. No one prefers to enter a cluttered house where the home’s beauty is obscured by the countless random trinkets strewn around.

While you might find the clutter in your home endearing and representative of your personality, remember that everyone’s tastes differ. So, if your goal is to sell your home quickly, you should consider removing all the random items scattered throughout your house, at least for now.

Consider all the Senses

The primary focus of home staging is usually to enhance the visual attractiveness, yet appealing to other senses can also significantly influence the outcome. Use aromatic candles, plug-ins, and gentle music to establish a serene ambience.

Ensuring your home maintains a comfortable temperature is crucial. This could imply turning on the heating during winter viewings or, in contrast, opening windows and activating a fan during the summer season.

Implement Simple Upgrades to Your Bedroom and Bathroom

A simple and affordable way to rejuvenate your home’s appearance is by introducing plush, matching bath towels to your bathroom and updating your bedding. Opt for white towels to evoke a pristine spa ambience.

Elevate your bed’s look with decorative pillows and a new matching quilt. The best part is, these are items you can conveniently take with you post-sale. Remember to declutter your bedside tables and organise your wardrobes to avoid them appearing overstuffed.


Despite having abundant funds, investing excessively in the staging process is not advisable. Your focus should be on highlighting the home’s top attributes. However, remember that what may attract a buyer to purchase the home doesn’t necessarily align with what makes the home functional for them.

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Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

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