5 Reasons to get a scaffolding tower for your home and garden

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A ladder is an essential home and garden tool to access higher and hard-to-reach places, but it’s not always the right tool for the job. In fact, improper ladder use can be very dangerous and the potential consequences of falling off a ladder don’t bear thinking about. Did you know that almost 50,000 people per year pay a visit to A&E following a ladder accident in and around their home?

Scaffold towers can be a godsend when a ladder just won’t do the job. They’re affordable to buy and can be hired too. Towers and platforms are lightweight and durable, easy to assemble and store and, crucially, offer high levels of safety when you’re working at height. Take a look at Precipitous scaffolding towers to get an idea of the wide range available.

Routinely used in professional building and maintenance work and widely seen on construction sites, scaffolding towers are hugely practical around the home too and can make your life a lot easier and safer.


1# Home improvements

Every home will need painting and decorating now and again, both inside and out. Then there’s the myriad of little home maintenance jobs that always seem to need doing. Unless you’re prepared to shell out what could be a small fortune for professional trades to give your house some attention, you’ll be one of the thousands of DIY enthusiasts who prefer to save their money and have a go themselves.

However, did you know that more than 200,000 people each year are injured doing DIY? Clearly, you need to know your limitations but it’s also vitally important to be safety conscious. Scaffold towers provide a safer and more stable platform from which to work compared to ladders. With more space to move around, somewhere to put your paint tin and/or tools and the ability to use both hands for the job, scaffolding towers can take the pain out of painting. Speak to a scaffolding professional for more advice on different scaffolding types.


2# Christmas decorations

Decorating our homes for the festive season seems to get more elaborate with each passing year. If you’re a proud homeowner who loves to festoon the outside of your house with fairy lights hanging from eaves and rooflines, or your home has particularly high ceilings that are hard to access for hanging Christmas decorations, don’t try and make do with a household ladder.

Instead of risking injury from ladder overreach or a slip and fall accident just before Christmas, do yourself and your family a huge favour and get a scaffolding tower instead. It makes short work of seasonal decorations and is perfect for putting them up as well as taking them down.



3# Exterior cleaning jobs

Whether your windows need cleaning from outside, or you’re scraping out debris from guttering, certain home cleaning jobs need to be done on a regular basis. Even though the tasks themselves may not be difficult to carry out, access can be a major problem.

Perching precariously on a ladder is not an option unless you want to risk life and limb. Of course, you can always pay a professional to do the job for you but a much better long-term investment would be to get a scaffolding tower. With a safe platform to work from, suddenly all those exterior cleaning jobs won’t seem half as bad and you can do them yourself.


4# Gardening jobs

Whether your garden is large or small, you may have high hedges, soaring climbers or tall trees that need pruning or otherwise attending to. Of course, a professional tree surgeon may be the best person for tricky jobs such as coppicing or extensive high-level pruning. More basic tasks can be carried out by yourself as long as you have the proper equipment.

Did you know that 6,000 gardeners fall off ladders every year, according to government statistics? Add to that the many aches and pains in backs, necks and arms sustained as a result of overreaching to areas that are too high to work on, and you can see why a scaffold tower is an obvious answer. Whether you’re cutting hedges, harvesting apples or pruning trees, make sure you work at no more than shoulder height, so you don’t overstrain your neck and shoulders, and take regular breaks.


5# Cat rescues

If your cat has ever been stuck up a tree you will know this problem only too well. Our feline friends have a penchant for heights but often don’t realise how high they’ve climbed until it’s too late – then they’re stuck.

It would feel silly to call out the fire service for such a trifling matter, so what do you do to get puss down? Rather than balancing on a garden ladder while negotiating with an uncooperative cat, try a scaffolding tower instead. From a secure and stable platform, you’ll be able to reach into the tree and grab kitty safely to lift her onto the tower.



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