5 Reasons to Move to Chesapeake, VA

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Is it worth living in Chesapeake, VA? How is the weather, the community, and the safety there? Find out great reasons to move to Chesapeake, VA!

It is possible to enjoy a beach and outdoor lifestyle, without spending a fortune?
A dream for many, a coastal lifestyle can often be out of reach. But, what if there was a safe and affordable outdoor city, also with great schools and universities?
Luckily, there is! Chesapeake, VA is one of the best parts of the East Coast, offering an incredible lifestyle for singles, families, students, and even retirees.

Read on to learn the top five reasons why living in Chesapeake, VA may be perfect for you.

  1. Living in Chesapeake, VA, You Can Enjoy an Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the best things about relocating to Chesapeake, VA is the fantastic outdoor lifestyle. From wetlands, dog-friendly parks, and playgrounds, there are plenty of forests and green spaces to keep you occupied for a long time.
Take in natural beauty and history at Battlefield Park, a Revolutionary War site, or spot nature at Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.
Despite the name, it’s a wonderful park, home to butterflies, birds, and mammals such as flying squirrels, foxes, and even bears.

  1. World-Class Colleges

If you work in academia, have a college-age student, or simply enjoy the buzz and energy of being in a college town, then you’ll love moving to Chesapeake, VA.
The area, which includes Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach area, is home to over 50 colleges!
Many prestigious schools can be found around Chesapeake, including Regent University, Norfolk State, and Old Dominion University.

  1. Love the Beach? You Can Go Everyday

Many people love the relaxation of being by the sea, but waterfront property is expensive and can bring a lot of hassle. Good news— Chesapeake is less than 20 miles from the beach!
This gives you easy access to the wonderful beach lifestyle, without the expense. If you enjoy boating, swimming, or even just coastal walks, Chesapeake might be just for you.

  1. Diverse Employment Options

Living in downtown Chesapeake opens the doors to so many job opportunities, making it a great location for progressing your career.
Major industries in the area include education, health care, social services, tourism, retail, and the military. If you’re in any of these fields, you may find plenty of careers in the region. If you’re ready to relocate, sell your property as-is and start looking for homes in Chesapeake.

  1. Top Public Schools

If you have children or plan to, you’ll no doubt want to move to an area with a great public school system. Not only that, but public schools can increase home values, great for local residents.
The local schools are excellent and even ranked in the top 20 in Virginia for 2017. With high academic standards and stellar athletic performance, children are challenged to excel both academically and physically.

Plan Your Move Today
As you can see, living in Chesapeake, VA offers a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle, plenty of career opportunities, and a fantastic lifestyle for families.
If you’re ready to make the move, start looking for homes in the area today and start enjoying the lovely benefits of living in such a fantastic part of the world.

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