5 Tips To Ensure A Stress-Free Move To Your New Home

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Many people agree that moving homes is definitely a stressful experience. At first, you might look forward to it with excitement and joy, but when the moving date nears and the list to do starts getting longer, the feeling of excitement dies down and stress replaces joy. 

You thought that packing boxes would just take a few minutes since you didn’t anticipate that it actually takes hours and sometimes the entire day. One of the challenges of packing up for a new home is that life goes on and different things are also competing for your attention, like jobs, kids, pets, inconveniences, laundry, groceries, and so many others. 

Not to dampen your spirits, but moving locally really entails a lot of work and stress that you might not be anticipating at the onset. However, there are a lot of ways to ensure a stress-free move into your home. 

Here are five tips for a stress-free move:

Hire Professional Movers To Help You

Moving is a big task, but it greatly helps if you hire professional movers to ease the task. If your budget allows it, having professional movers help you move to a new house will lessen the stress of moving. 

Other benefits of hiring professional movers are the following: 

  • Help lift delicate and heavy furniture.
  • Offers bubble wrapping, which helps in safely packing your things. 
  • Easy transport of items that are hard to pack, such as lamps and artworks. 

People in this area of business are professionals, thus, they know how to handle things properly, which means that you can entrust them with your stuff.  

It’s okay to ask for help and support whenever you need it. A set of extra hands will greatly alleviate your stress in moving. 

  • Stay Organized

Being organized offers can bring wonders when it comes to having a stress-free move. Not only does it make moving less stressful, but it also helps you after the move because you know where everything is and it’s properly packed in their respective boxes. This way, you can easily unpack them. 

Making this one of your top priorities will lessen headaches as the days go by. Being organized is making sure that you also plot everything out in a cohesive timeframe. 

Some tips in organizing that you can follow: 

  • Find a central packing area where all your labels, tapes, markers, and other things you need are located
  • Have a packing list where you write everything down. For example, you can create a system where you number all the boxes that you pack. Write what each box contains for you to easily remember what’s inside every box. 
  • Colour-code your boxes according to the rooms. For example, use the colour yellow for the kitchen. 
  • Give Yourself Enough Time To Pack Everything Up

Set realistic timeframes so your schedule permits you to have ample time to pack your things. There are special cases, however, when the schedule sneaks up on you and you’re forced to make do with a shorter timeframe than desired. 

But, if you have the liberty of knowing months ahead when your exact moving day is, then you should plan ahead. When you have time on your side, you can schedule and organize moving trucks and helpers that can help you out. 

Leaving it all to the last minute will just cause you panic and hysteria.

  • Accept That Moving is Stressful

Acceptance is an important step because, then, you wouldn’t have to hold yourself to such a high standard that you might not probably achieve anything, which can end up disappointing you and stressing you out even further. 

Setting the mind to be optimistic is very important. Think about all those other stressful times in your life that you’ve successfully overcome and realized that this is just like that. Stress is a part of human life, take it for what it is, acknowledge your weakness, but don’t let it bring you down. 

  • Get Proper Sleep

Making sleep a priority when facing a big move can help you prepare physically and mentally. Lack of sleep will easily burn you out and cause you stress during the day. 

With all the things that you have to do and attend to, resting helps your body become more efficient the next day. Not getting enough sleep will cause your body’s energy to drain for the next day – moving day.


Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience because of its work. To ensure that you avoid stress before it creeps in, you have to first accept that not everything will go smoothly and perfectly no matter how hard you try. Secondly, give yourself enough time to properly pack. Stay organized, get proper sleep, and ask for help from professional movers if your budget permits. 

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