5 Ways To Boost Your House’s Selling Price

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Imagine if selling a house was easy. Now imagine if selling a home was easy and the price was better than you could’ve hoped. Interested?

Of course, you are! While selling a house at your ideal price is far from easy, there are ways to boost the selling price. This means that you can bargain down the price and STILL walk away with the selling price you had in mind. If you get lucky, maybe even a little bit more! 

Every so often negotiations turns into a game of who blinks first. One party is ‘holding out’ for one price, the other ‘just can’t do’ another. Eventually, perhaps they meet in the middle to mixed feelings on all sides.

Being able to justify your selling price goes a long way. It will reassure you that you’re not asking for too much, and also reassure buyers they’re getting a fantastic deal. 

If your reasons are good, the price will match, and the buyer will appreciate what they’re getting. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

1. Bring Home the Location

If your property is in a desirable area, bring this point home! Let’s use the West Island in Canada for example. There’s a hugely diverse range of small localities in the region, so don’t just mention ‘the West Island.’

Every settlement in every unique part of the world has its own charm (its own identity). Make sure both you and your buyer understands these points. 

Generalities such as ‘a pleasant area’ will only get you so far. Find your real-world examples of why the locale is a pleasant place to live. Think of the local flora and fauna. Do your research.

2. Find a Qualified Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent plays a vital part in selling your property. It stands to reason that you need someone who is just as keyed in on the local area as you are.

Running with the West Island example, find a real estate agent who is local to the area. A real estate agent local to West Island will know the local nuances and will be able to give all that detail and more to the buyer.

A local real estate agent West Island will be an open book filled with different positives to talk about. The more voices you have saying positive things, the better.

3. Unnecessary Changes

One mistake many people make when trying to boost their sale price is to make ‘improvements.’ It all sounds well and good, and perhaps it is. Or perhaps they’ve just dropped several thousand redoing a roof that was perfectly fine beforehand.

If you’re going to make changes, think of your costs. Sure — if the roof looks like it’s about to fall in, a lot of buyers will run. If the roof is fine and looks good on the house, don’t waste time and money on a shiny new one.

4. Less is More to a Buyer

Similarly, you don’t need to fill the house and garden to appeal to a buyer. The buyer is looking for somewhere they can fill with their stuff — not somewhere there’s no room to put anything.

Yes, it’s good to make it clear that a place is homey; a plant here or there never hurts. Remember that the buyer is paying for their future plans, not what the place looks like right now.

5. Amen to Amenities

Never assume that the buyer has fully done their research on an area’s local amenities. They probably have, but never assume that. Schools, parks, leisure, dining — if you know what your property’s area does well, make sure to pass that on.


These little things can make a big difference. Help your buyer realize just how good your offering is every step of the way. Find a good local real estate agent who can assist you with this, and your selling journey just got a lot easier.


Ref number: THSI-1981

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