6 Best Tips for Home and Apartment Cleaning Between Tenants

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Owning a home or an apartment is a superb achievement. The property becomes an additional income stream. With the rising rental house demands, it’s easy to find tenants. You only need to inform them that you have got a vacant room in your property. So, you got a guarantee of earning extra coins.

However, being a property owner or manager is not an all-great moment fanfare. Cleaning your property for tenants is a stressful activity. Despite being an expert, making your apartment ready for the next tenant is a challenge. Here are the 6 best tips by Huy from Simply Maid for property cleaning between tenants:

Make cleaning the responsibility of the moving out tenants

Indeed, tenants want to find a clean rental property. No one can easily settle on a dirty house or be the one to clean it. As such, you should have a checklist of tenants’ responsibilities. One of these responsibilities should be cleaning the house when moving out. Consider ensuring your tenant leaves the property as they found it. Also, let them learn about the policy when signing the rental agreement.

Do not allow tenants to use the deposit as final month rent

One way to make your cleaning task hard is by ignoring the deposit policy. Some tenants use the deposit as the last month’s rent. Before the month ends, they will move out. They’ll leave behind a lot of debris and damages. To avoid such circumstances, opt for deposit refunds. Perform an inspection on the property before any deposit refunds. This way; you will have fewer cleaning tasks and repair costs.

Consider move-out inspections

As a property manager, consider attending the move-out inspection. This act helps you to facilitate the process. As you know, move-out marks the end of a tenancy period. Be on the site during this process; it will help in many ways. First, you will inspect the damages and determine the party to carry the repair liabilities. Again, this ensures that thorough cleaning happens. The only cleaning responsibilities should be the one beyond the tenants’ scope.

Keep a visual record of your properties

At times, a dispute may arise between you and your tenant. For instance, a tenant might claim that they did not damage a particular item on your property. Without prior evidence, it’s hard to defend your position. So, consider retaining photos or videos of your property. Do it before and after a tenant moves out. This way, you’ll save maintenance activities costs.

Replace the floor carpets

Though you can consider cleaning your carpets, replacement is a better idea. The act gives your property a new look. Also, it helps you to get rid of carpet beetles. Furthermore, it eliminates any stains and smells; thus, replacing them with freshness. Hence, your property gains a new image and attractiveness.

Maintain your hedges and landscapes

A well-maintained landscape can attract large numbers of customers to your property. When a tenant moves out, consider landscape maintenance. Trim those unwanted and overgrown hedges. Additionally, reshape your flowery plants and gardens. This way, your property regains its originality and cleanness. 



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