6 Essential Pool Supplies for Pool Care and Maintenance

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If you are a pool owner, you need the right tools and equipment to clean and maintain your pool properly. Whether it is a private pool or public pool, cleaning is a must to continue producing crystal blue water that is refreshing to everyone who takes a swim. If you don’t follow the right steps for pool maintenance, your pool water can quickly turn green, which indicates it is full of dirt and bacteria. This guide informs you of critical pool supplies you need to take care of your pool.

Pool cover

A pool cover is handy if you are not a fan of using a pool skimmer. A good pool covers from Mr Pool Man can help you keep nasty dirt out of your pool. When you cover your pool during winter, remember to add chemicals to maintain the water’s clarity and prevent the growth of algae and harmful bacteria. A pool cover is essential for preventing water contamination in your pool. It can save you from having to scoop months old leaves from your pool after a long period when it is not in use.

Algae brush

Algae grow everywhere as long as there is regular water which is why it is a nuisance for pool owners. A deteriorated case of algae growth requires more than just chemicals to get rid of it so, don’t let it get to that level. Algae brush with stainless steel bristles is suitable for scouring the walls, steps, and other surfaces of your pool where algae are more likely to grow. You can use a nylon bristle algae brush if the pool’s surface is vinyl to avoid damaging it.

Pool shock

Your pool is potentially a gross store for oil, human skin cells, and other nasty microbes. However, it is not thanks to pool chemicals that keep the water safe from all that. A pool shock is an essential pool supply to keep around. When your pool begins to smell, it is time to pool shock it. Your pool water is not supposed to smell as long as your water is balanced. Smelling indicates that the sanitiser you are using its work. Pool shocking your pool raises the sanitiser levels, kills bacteria, and ensures your pool is clean, especially after major incidences such as severe rainstorms.

Manual vacuum

A manual vacuum is the go-to pool equipment in the case of algae infestation. After brushing the algae from the pool’s surfaces, you need to remove it, and the best way is to vacuum it up from the pool. Although an automatic one can save your time and muscles, a manual one is easy to vacuum hard-to-reach areas. Ensure you vacuum the waste to prevent the algae from reaching your filter.

Filter cleaner

A pool filter keeps the water clean, but it can’t work well if it is dirty. Therefore, you need to keep it clean by cleaning it regularly. Other than keeping it in good condition, cleaning your filter prolongs its lifespan. Pay attention to the clarity of the pool water and pressure, which indicates the state of the filter.

Water test strips

These are important for testing the health of the pool water and chemical levels.

Final words

Taking care of your pool is easier with the right pool care equipment and supplies.



Ref number: THSI-2212


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