6 Reasons Why You Need a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a House

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So you’ve found your dream home. It’s got room for a dog or two, that big garden to grow your veggie patch and maybe even bedrooms for those future kids you’re considering. But how does its plumbing check out?

Buying a New Home? Check the Plumbing Out First!

Just like you would inspect a home’s structural soundness and electrical system when buying a new home, you also need to inspect its plumbing. While it might be hidden in the walls and under the floor, a home can’t run without proper plumbing.

A plumbing inspection will assess all the major components of the plumbing system and identify potential problems you might face. Plumbing issues, when left unchecked, can prove to be a very costly repair and damage your home significantly.

We’re outlining the 6 reasons why you need a plumbing inspection before buying a home so you aren’t faced with these problems anytime soon.

  1. Plumbing Fixtures

An easy place to start inspecting a home’s plumbing is the taps, sinks, toilets and other fixtures. 

Are there any noticeable leaks? A leak could be the sign of something more sinister in the house’s plumbing.

How old are the fixtures? This can be a good indicator of how well the previous home’s owners looked after their plumbing.

  1. Water Heater Inspection

Imagine suddenly having no hot water one day. Or having dirty hot water come pouring out of your shower. Neither of these scenarios is very pleasant to think about and can easily be avoided if you make sure to inspect the water heater of any new home you look at.

There are a few things you’ll want to look for when inspecting water heaters:

  • Corrosion or rust on the tank
  • Leaking water
  • Strange noises from the tank
  • The age of the unit – the Department of Energy says water heater tanks only last 10-15 years!
  • Dirty hot water from your taps and fixtures
  1. Water Pressure Woes

No one likes a weak stream of water for their shower, so it’s a good idea to test for low water pressure in the house. Turn on each tap and shower in the house and see what kind of water pressure it has. 

If the pressure is low, it could be due to any number of plumbing problems. It could be as simple as a build-up of grime in the tap or something much worse like a major blockage.

Professional plumbers will be able to assess this problem and make sure it won’t be a costly repair in the near future.

  1. Water Quality

One thing you won’t miss until it’s gone is good water quality. The water supply for this property might be especially hard and hard water can make everyday tasks much more tedious than they already are!

Hard water will leave watermarks all over your dishes, make it harder to get some nice suds in the shower and leave some nice lime deposits all over your fixtures. You’ll want to look out for the tell-tale lime signs of poor water quality when looking to purchase a house.

  1. Plumbing Camera Inspection

Having a plumber conduct a CCTV camera inspection of the home’s pipes can be well worth the investment. Who knows what kind of damage tree roots have had on the house’s pipes and drains?

You won’t know until it’s gotten so bad that water isn’t going down the drain and is backing up, making a mess everywhere. Before buying a home, it’s definitely worth having a plumber take the time to inspect the pipes and report back on their condition. 

This can save you very costly repairs further down the road.

  1. Water Meter and Valves

Before you buy a house, it’s also worth looking at the water meter and important valves. You can test the water meter by turning off all taps in the house. If the meter is still ticking, it probably means there are leaks somewhere. 

You’ll also want to check the major valves around the house. Turn the shut-off valve off and see if any water still comes out from any faucets. This could be a sign of a faulty shut off valve. It’s also worth checking other valves for important fixtures around the house such as toilets!



Ref number: THSI-2189

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