6 Secrets To Finding The Awesome College Roomate

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As you commence preparation for college, so many thoughts will race through your mind. You will ponder over many questions. Where will I live? Am I going to work and study at the same time? How can I find the perfect roommate? No matter how hard you shy away from these, the fact remains that these questions deserve answers, and you may have to provide them before going to college. You don’t want to do that in haste, do you? However, among the stuff that you may have to ponder over before going to college, how to find a roommate is the most worrisome. As it seems almost impossible to find the perfect one but, in reality, it’s not.

With the right approach, you can easily find someone to share space within the college. First of all, you need to know what you need from a roommate, when you get this right, finding a perfect bedmate won’t sound like rocket science. For instance, most students desire a bookworm for a bedmate – someone to share essay ideas with. A fellow student who wouldn’t dissuade them from reading or writing. Even when they try to get know more about symbolism in the Great Gatsby, while others desire to have a roommate that can party all weekend, irrespective of your choice, you need to understand that finding just any bunkmate is not all there is, and you need to find an awesome one because it will affect your life as a student. Here are some tips to help you.

Make a summary list of the qualities you desire in a roommate

Making such a list is necessary because each person has different personality traits, and there are some you may admire while others are miserable for you. You want a bunkmate you can feel comfortable with any time, don’t you? Although you might not find all the qualities, you listed in one person, it will help you not to deviate from your expectations. If you don’t know what to write in such a list, then, make a list of your habits first, and it will serve as a guide.

Use Facebook groups

This might sound outdated to some, but it doesn’t undermine the fact that Facebook groups are a great way to meet and connect with people. Most colleges have several Facebook groups according to your major. It’s a great place to find an awesome roommate.

As your friends and friends of friends

This is a great way to know if someone needs a roommate. Since you feel close to your friends, it will be easier to approach them than strangers. Let your friends know you need one and they can even become your best roommate finder by informing their friends too. However, you should note that becoming a bunkmate to your best friend is not a guarantee that you are both compatible.

Let your parents know

Your parents can help you find a roommate only if you inform them that you need one before going to college. You never can tell, they might have a friend whose son or daughter needs a bunkmate urgently. Even if they can’t help you find one, they can offer you some priceless advice.

Search the web

Search engines such as room surf where they have been helping students find an awesome roommate for ages. You might find your match there too. The good thing about it is that it widens your search for a bunkmate. The website helps you to find the perfect match when you sign up and take the recommended quiz.

Post flyers on campus

Flyers posting is one of the best roommate finders on campus. Although it sounds old-fashioned, it’s still effective to date. Ensure you hang such flyers in highly visible places. You could also list a few qualities you desire in a roommate on the flyer. This will serve as a filter as it ensures only students with such qualities contact you. For privacy reasons, ensure you create an email for such purpose and require that anyone interested should contact you via mail. This will also help you to screen the responses and select the ones you feel are the perfect match.

How to find a roommate? It is one of the most popular questions on the lips of every fresher on campus. Also, it’s one of the most dreaded processes that many students are scared to embark on. You can make it as easy as possible if you know where to go and the qualities to look for in a potential roommate. Even if you don’t see results instantly, be persistent. Such things take time. After some time, you will find the perfect bunkmate with the personality traits you admire.


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