6 Stunning London Kitchen Styles

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Who can resist the charm and style of a London kitchen? A typical London kitchen should offer warmth, a welcoming comfort from the heart of the home. Today’s city kitchen has its roots in the cooking days of old from the great British country home, from storage to food preparation areas, hanging racks and larders, a truly English and London kitchen should incorporate vintage life whilst providing any modern requirements, cleverly designed to fit in with the overall theme.

Informal Look

As you can see, this kitchen lets in lots of light, and its informal white features only add to this. Built from solid ash by skilled craftsmen, with the addition of a Victorian era sink, this is your typical London kitchen seen in many big houses. Folding doors are also installed to hide modern technology such a washing machine, drier and fridge, maintaining its classic look.


Inspired by the Edwardian era, this spacious kitchen combines natural timbers with cream and burgundy painted units – a typical London style. The Aga cooker combined with a tiled “splash back” inset is also an Edwardian feature, and although this kitchen does a great job at reflecting this, there are modern touches, such as a modern fridge and the “in the wall” cookers.


One of the most popular styles of kitchen is the farmhouse look, as its quaint and cosy feel can be incorporated into the larger spectrum of a London City house. Take in the country style Aga cooker and the customary chequered “splash back”, the painted units and classic style wooden furniture. A lot of kitchens also go as far as having either a slate tiled floor, or even the bold chequered tile for the full effect.

Georgian Style

This style kitchen features many Georgian signatures, features such as pilasters, glazed Georgian doors, a pantry and kitchen dresser. A tall oak bookcase, back with granite provides a superb “splash back” for the cooker, and a maple butchers block sits atop console with turned legs, perfect for food preparation. This type of kitchen is really suited to grand city house as its features are opulent and stylish.

Traditional Oak 

A lot of London kitchens use oak throughout, and this kitchen is no exception, its cabinets made from European oak and the remainder from solid oak. Whilst having the classic country oven, its rounded-off granite surfaces and modern fridge provide the best of both worlds. The blue painted cupboards matched with duck egg blue oven and stylish backlights combined with the warm and homely touches puts the heart back into any London home.


A modern kitchen can be incorporated successfully in most homes, even the older London houses such as modern conversions. This contemporary kitchen is light and consists of flowing lines and a simple setup. Kitchens by Mike Taylor is one brand that excels in providing the modern touch. Their designs look clean and neat, with massive working areas and storage units adding functionality as well as creating space. The black granite combined with the contrasting white and coloured “splash back” really creates a modern feel, a kitchen that should always be kept clinically clean.

The London kitchen has changed throughout its passing eras, however, each period managed to create a specific look still adored and used in the modern home. From full out historic copies to contemporary kitchens incorporating vintage hints in their design, there’s a kitchen for everyone within the many styles of London and English kitchen.

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