7 Common Mistakes Not to Make When Buying Sunglasses

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Are you going to buy sunglasses? It is very important that people when buying sunglasses pay attention to the quality of the lenses, as this is the only way to look beautiful and keep your eyes healthy. In addition, choosing the correct and quality lenses is essential, because ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can often damage the tissue of the eyes, causing problems from the surface to the innermost part, which is formed by the retina, so you don’t commit when buying your sunglasses!

Today, sunglasses are essential accessories both in terms of style and necessity. In addition, each season the style and shapes vary a lot, and with this, it is interesting that you know the mistakes not to make when buying sunglasses. Choosing sunglasses is not just choosing based on the final appearance but more importantly choosing based on protection and comfort factors.

Ignoring the eyewear protection factor

Although the eyes have protection mechanisms against UV rays, this may not be enough due to the intensity and time of exposure. Thus, when quality prescription sunglasses are used, they aim to protect against ultraviolet radiation, blocking part of the light and ensuring less damage to the eyes, which prevents diseases and promotes greater clarity and comfort. 

Buying glasses from questionable sources

Sunglasses can be purchased independently of being simple and cheap, as long as they are made of good material because if the quality of the sunglasses is low, they can cause a lot of dizziness and the feeling of looking at an acrylic. Be careful when buying sunglasses at street vendors, as they usually do not have the necessary UV protection nor the optical quality. If you want to buy quality sunglasses, you should buy them at reputable and official stores.

Not using appropriate lens colours for the situation

Regarding the colours of sunglasses lenses, these should also be analyzed, as according to some ophthalmologists, brown and smoke are more recommended for clear days, enhancing details and contrasts. The choice of lens colour that is careless will greatly affect the comfort obtained by the user. 

Not seeing the ophthalmologist

Many people do not consult with ophthalmologists to help them choose the ideal sunglasses. Thus, people do not take into account the information from the glasses in a more detailed way. In addition, glasses are very personal and unique pieces, and therefore, they should be perfectly matched to every lifestyle.

Not paying attention to the certification

When buying sunglasses, many people are not used to analyzing whether they are certified, in addition to the need for the lenses to be regular, that is, the entire surface must have the same thickness. This requires certification because it is a guarantee that you will get lenses with the same thickness on all sides.

Forgetting the importance of polarized lenses

In the case of people who spend a lot of time exposed to sunlight, for example, people who play sports outdoors or spend all day driving, it is important that they know how to choose lenses correctly. Thus, for this situation, the most suitable option is the choice of polarized lenses, which avoid glare and leave images much sharper and with more contrast.

Wearing glasses that don’t fit your face

In addition to choosing the right lens, many people have difficulty choosing sunglasses that fit their face best. Therefore, the tip is to avoid choosing models that are too far apart and that have small lenses, as it is important that there is not a large space between the face of the face and frame, mainly because ultraviolet radiation enters from the sides.

Not redoubling care in case of children

In relation to sunglasses for children, it is also important that there is a greater concern for the correct choice for them, which usually does not occur. Normally, due to the more sensitive characteristics that children have, the chances of them suffering more from the damage caused by ultraviolet rays are even greater. Therefore, it is important that the choice of pirate sunglasses for children is not always too risky, as adequate protection for the eyes is necessary.

You already know 7 common mistakes people make when they buy sunglasses. Hopefully, this article was useful.


Ref number: THSI-2427

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