7 Moving and Packing Tips to Make Your Move Dead Simple

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A lot of people associate moving with stress. However, the fact is that moving doesn’t have to be stressful at all! If you approach this task with the right attitude and knowledge, you’ll be able to pack up your things for the move in no time. That said, here are some useful packing and moving tips that will make your move dead simple and even – dare we say – enjoyable. Let’s check them out.

The most important bag – the overnight bag

The first bag you should pack is the so-called overnight bag. Here, you’ll need to pack clean clothes and underwear (for every member of your family). Also, add basic hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap, a roll of toilet paper and some towels. This bag should stay with you at all times as it will be the first thing you’ll need once you move into your new home.  

Use clear plastic bins for essentials

Next, use a clear plastic bin to pack your essentials so that you can easily spot them in the jungle of packed boxes and belongings. Fill this bin with box cutters, paper towels, garbage bags, clean sponges and cleaning agents. Basically, this bin should contain all the things you’ll need in order to clean your new home and unpack the rest of your belongings. Ask the guys from the moving company from Nashville to pack this box last when loading the moving truck. 

Pack the things you’ll need first last

As slightly touched upon previously, you should pack all the things you will need first last. That way, when you get to unload your moving truck you can easily access those items. In the back of the truck pack all the things that you don’t need straight away, such as bedding, décor items, books and similar trinkets. 

Group items by room

Moreover, when packing your stuff make sure you group all the items according to the room they belong in. For instance, pack all the cooking utensils, dishes, table cloths and dish rags together. Do the same for every other room in your home. Also, don’t forget to label the boxes to make it easier on yourself when unpacking. For instance, mark the boxes like “kitchen 1 – cookware”, “kitchen 2 – plates and utensils” and so on. 

Pack similar items together

Furthermore, when packing, see to it that you group similar items together. While you should make separate boxes for every member of your family when packing clothes, for instance, you can pack all of your footwear together. Also, if you like to go skiing, for example, you can pack all of your skiing equipment together as well. 

Wrap fragile items in old blankets and cloths

Moving usually generates a lot of garbage, no matter how careful you are not to overdo it. Simply put, there are a lot of items in our households that need to be wrapped properly during a move to prevent them from breaking or ending up damaged. So, if you’re looking to reduce the amount of waste, you can use old blankets and cloths to wrap up your breakables. Later on, once you’re done with the move, you can wash and donate all the things you used for wrapping to a local animal shelter. 

Clean your new house before you move in

Finally, if at all possible, see to it that you go and clean your new home before the moving date itself. This way, you’ll be moving into an entirely clean home where you can start unpacking right away. 


As you can see, moving doesn’t have to be either difficult or stressful. If you organize the packing process well, the moving process itself will be a piece of cake. So, make sure you coordinate your packing the right way and enjoy your new home.


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