7 occasions when you may need self-storage

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self storage

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You may be fooled into thinking that self storage is only for people moving to a new house which, for whatever reason, isn’t quite ready for them yet. However, many storage facilities including self storage in west Los Angeles and Santa Monica are reporting an increase in the number of people using self storage facilities for a huge number of very different reasons.


If you have ever felt like you’re running out of room at home then read on, as the chances are you’ll need to invest in some storage soon!


1. Moving overseas

Most storage facilities offer long-term solutions and special offers for customers looking to move abroad or travel extensively.  


If you’re planning a long trip or move abroad you may not be ready to sell up your house and all your belongings. Maybe you’ll be letting your property unfurnished, or maybe you just want to a safety net in case the move doesn’t work. Either way, storing your belongings in a professional facility is a safe and affordable way to keep your options open.


2. Remodelling your house

As anyone who has remodelled or fully redecorated their house will tell you, your home is likely to become pretty chaotic with furniture and belongings being stored in pretty much every corner of your house whilst you make way for workmen.


Avoid the clutter and rent a small storage container instead. The cost is surprisingly low and well worth the money to avoid feeling like you’re living in a bomb site.


3. Planning another child

Babies and young children come with aLOT of stuff! Cribs, strollers, toys and nursing chairs are just some of the paraphernalia you will collect over the first few precious years, and if you’re planning to have more than one child, you’ll want somewhere to store your collection in preparation for the next bundle of joy.


4. Getting Married

You will be surprised how much extra space you’ll need to find in your home if you’re planning a wedding. Create some much-needed room for the wedding gifts, outfits and decorations by hiring a small storage crate rather than cramming them all into your under stairs cupboard.


5. Student going home for the summer break

Most student houses have to be vacated before the summer break to make way for new tenants. It seems silly to drag all your worldly goods halfway across the country, only to drag it back again a few weeks later. Rent a storage locker instead and save yourself the hassle.


6. Extra storage for your home

It sounds simple, but maybe for whatever reason you just need MORE ROOM! Homes have a tendency of becoming cluttered during the months and years of family life and sometimes its a good idea to remove the items you haven’t used for a while but aren’t quite ready to part with.


7. Death of a relative

When a loved one dies you may not feel emotionally ready to part with their belongings before selling a property or having to remove their goods. Hiring a self-storage container will buy you the gift of time, and allow you to sort gradually through their belongings without feeling rushed and pressured into getting rid of things.


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