7 Plumbing Details You Need to Notice Before Renting a New House

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Moving into a new place is both exciting and hectic. There are so many things that you have to take care of — for example, prepping the home to be a habitable space for you and your family. This whole process can drain anyone’s energy. While there is only so much that you can do to save yourself from all this struggle, you can still make it a little better by investing your energies in the right direction.

A thorough inspection of the new home is imperative. One such inspection is plumbing so opt for a san diego 24 hour plumber  to do this job done for you. Plumbing is something that most of you ignore to check when you move into a new place. It can cause extreme discomfort if the plumbing of the house is terrible. So, here are some of the plumbing details that you need to check before you move into a new house. Give them a read and find what needs to be fixed in your new home.

Test the Quality of Water

The quality of water tells a lot about the overall condition of the plumbing in a house. Be sure to have a professional check the quality of water the home is receiving. If you see any old or rusty pipework, be sure to get them checked. When communicating with your new neighbors, be sure to get details of the water quality the neighborhood receives too. 

Check the Pressure of Water

The optimum water pressure is 80 Ψ, anything below or above this means trouble. High water pressure can cause leaks to occur, and low water pressure will not let you do anything, and it’ll be a constant cause of the nuisance. So, check the water pressure by using a pressure gauge or you can get it confirmed from the water company that is supplying the water to your house.

Get Professional Help to Identify Leaks

Identifying leaks in a new home before you move in is a crucial step in the inspection process. This will help you to save on your water bill in the future, prevent infestation, protect the ceiling of the floor above, etc. Have a professional inspect leaks or you can do this yourself if you notice water dripping from pipes

Check for Mold

This is another crucial plumbing detail that you need to know before you move into a new place or before you rent a new house. Mold is easy to identify. All you have to do is keep your eyes open. If you see any suspicious-looking matter on the walls or ceilings of the house, that’s mold, and it needs to go from there before it infects you and your family.

Check for Drain Clogs

Who likes a clogged drain? Be sure that none of the drains are clogged. You don’t want to start a new life in a home that has clogged drains. In order to maintain good drains, you can either have a plumber assist you with this problem, or fabricate your own drain cleaner to get the job done.

Do You Need to Change Sink/Toilet?

Usually, people don’t care about the condition of their toilet or sinks before they put their homes for rent or sell. Therefore, be sure to check the sink and toilet of the house you are going to rent. This way you can get any issues resolved before you move in.


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