7 Plumbing Tips To Keep Your Home In Tip-Top Shape 

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Keeping your home in its best shape for as long as possible can be tricky, especially as there are plenty of things you should account for. Apart from cleaning your home and ensuring that everything’s well maintained, you shouldn’t forget to prioritise plumbing. One small problem can lead to flooding or house damage, and it’ll only give you a massive headache.  

Your home’s plumbing should always be on your house maintenance checklist. Even if you cannot see it, the damage it could bring to your home might be so intense that it’ll require a complete house repair. To prevent this from happening, listed below are some plumbing tips to keep your home in tip-top shape:  

Call A Plumber For Any Issues 

There are some plumbing issues that you can easily do yourself, such as a clogged toilet or bathroom sink. However, if you’re uncertain about the things that you should do, or you don’t have much knowledge, calling for a plumber is your best option. This way, you can prevent further damage to your plumbing and allow a professional to look over your issues and resolve them independently. When you find a plumber in Gosnells, ensure they have enough experience and credentials to provide quality work.  

Use Drain Covers 

For your bathroom floor, it’d be best to invest in drain covers that could help filter out solid waste from your drains, which can cause them to clog and cause more problems. Moreover, if you don’t have a garbage disposal unit under your kitchen sink, adding a drain cover would help prevent food waste from entering your pipes.  

Avoid Throwing Everything Into The Toilet 

When you’re inside the bathroom and need to dispose of something quickly, and the trash is full, it might be tempting to toss it quickly into the toilet. While it might allow you to get rid of things, it might cause your drains to get clogged, leading to a bigger problem, such as overflowing and blockage. With that, you shouldn’t throw anything into the toilet. While there are some flushable wipes that you can easily toss in, throwing them into the trashcan might still be a better choice. 

Keep Oils Away From Your Drain 

Garbage disposal units effectively shred food waste into small bits, preventing them from clogging your drains. However, they cannot control your oils, making them unsafe for your drains. With that, you should keep oils away from your drain, even with a garbage disposal unit under your kitchen sink. For your oil waste, place it inside a resealable jar to throw away when complete. This is the only and best way to keep your pipes free from oil which could accumulate and clog them. 

Regularly Check Your Pipes 

You should also regularly inspect your pipes to see if they are wrong. This way, you can easily consult a plumber for a quick resolution. Look for odd sounds, low water pressure, unpleasant smells, and slow drains. If you haven’t checked your pipe in two years, it’s time you did so and hereafter.   

Clean Your Showerheads 

After weeks and months of usage, your showerheads can get dirty, which could allow for a low water flow, forcing your pipes to push harder to release as much water as possible. To help preserve the lifespan of your pipes and allow them to function normally with your showerheads, you should clean the latter at least once a month. You can quickly soak the showerhead in a bag full of vinegar for a few hours and allow the chemical to clean any dirt away. After soaking, you should run the water to flush the vinegar residue out. This can be a part of your house cleaning checklist

Do Routine Maintenance Check 

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure that your plumbing is in its best shape for as long as possible is to schedule a routine maintenance check annually. This way, you can ensure that your plumbing is still in good working condition or issues are spotted early on. A preventive maintenance routine can address issues before they develop, allowing your home to be in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Just ensure that you hire a professional plumber to provide quality service.  


Maintaining your plumbing is essential to keeping your house in its best shape. While the process might be tricky and challenging, it can make your home a safe environment where damage is less likely to happen. You can achieve this by taking care of what you put inside your drains and maintaining it well by calling a professional for any plumbing concerns.

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