7 things to know before moving from New Jersey to New York City

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  • Budget, Budget, and did I mention, Budget?!

We know that NYC is the most expensive city in the United States to live in, so try to prepare yourself. With such a significant number of ways to spend your cash in New York, you need to build up a great amount of discipline to remain financially sound. 

 Plan out your large expenses and make sure to keep cash to the side in case of any emergencies that will arise.  It’s inevitable that there will be times when you check your wallet and feel like your bills are magically disappearing. Who carries cash anyways, am I right? 


  • Downsizing & packing what’s absolutely necessary.  

In New Jersey, you get a bigger bang for your buck when it comes to price and house/apartment sizing. See the prices of Marlboro, NJ houses and compare them to any place in New York..  There’s a chance you might be moving from a home twice the size of your New York residence, so getting used to smaller space is necessary.  Attempt to sell or donate any clothing and furniture you feel can be sacrificed.  If you need help packing and moving or donating, don’t hesitate to reach out to a moving company.


  • Parking is never as easy.


Many properties in NYC whether commercial or residential do not come with drive-ways or garages, therefore street-parking your vehicle is a must.   Pay attention to parking restrictions and alternate side signs to save you the headache and more importantly, money that will go towards your EXPENSIVE ticket.  In addition, with the overpopulation of many areas in NYC, circling around your destination ten times for a spot might become the norm but you’re bound to find something.  


  • Embrace the sound of the city!


New York City is said to be the city that never sleeps.  Of course, some neighbourhoods are quieter than others but you will never hear anything.  Taxi horns, overhead trains, loud music, police sirens, barking, and arguing couples on the sidewalk, are just some of the things you may encounter.  Your neighbour might have a noisy party next door, and you will get annoyed, but soon you will become that neighbour when it’s time for a gathering of your own.  Invite your neighbour’s over, and eventually, you’ll learn to be uncomfortable with complete silence.  

  • Gentrification is real.

Gentrification is defined as the process of changing the character of a neighbourhood through the influx of more affluent residents and businesses.  In New York City this controversial topic is discussed often, as many have their own positive and negative opinions about its effect on the neighbourhood and its people.  Areas are changing at a quick pace as young intellectuals and creatives are moving in, which leads to increases in rent and the decrease of original micro-cultures within that neighbourhood.  Despite the benefits of gentrification, be knowledgeable of the matter and empathetic towards families who’ve lived in your neighbourhood for years already.

  •   Public Transportation can be your friend. 

New York City has one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world. You can get anywhere in the city for $2.75 a swipe using the MTA busses and subways.  However, for frequent users, investing in a monthly ride pass will keep plenty of extra change in your pocket.  Getting used to the crowds, rodents, performers, and variety of aromas might take some time but it’s a part of the New York Experience.  

Plus, who needs Broadway when you have the subway?  Ultimately cars are not necessary for you and your family to get around, and it will save you gas money and traffic time.  “Stand clear of the closing doors please!”

  • Come ready to enjoy ALL the city has to offer.

Regardless of the overwhelming factors of NYC, the benefits strongly outweigh. Be involved, go explore, love the exotic, pick up the pace, and live the New York Experience. Everyone has the ability to find their purpose in being here.  It’s a city of intellect, growth and opportunity, deep culture, arts, and genuine love despite the “New York attitude” stigma. Find the best of anything you love and understand that moving to New York can be the best decision you’ll make.  

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