7 Tips to Clean the House

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House cleaning should not be an infrequent exercise. Every homeowner must have a routine. It can be a weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning regimen; whatever suits a family and the household. Cleaning a house is a gargantuan task. Ideally, all hands should be on deck and the entire family must work as a team. Otherwise, it is more convenient and effective to hire professionals on www.emop.co.uk

Anyone living in a typical house or even a flat will need several hours, perhaps a whole day, for thorough cleaning and let us not forget the physical effort required. 

The following seven tips to clean the house can make the exercise a tad easier, if not a cakewalk.

Tip 1: Do not practise zone cleaning 

Do not practice zone cleaning. Switch to task cleaning. Most people begin their cleaning exercise with one room. It can be the master bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom. This approach is tedious and painstakingly time consuming. Many families fail to clean the entire house due to the problems of zone cleaning. Task cleaning is much more strategic. You can start with dusting the entire house. Dust every room. Dust the shelves and their undersides, the desks, chairs and other furniture, the handrails, screens and frames. Everything that can be dry dusted should be dry dusted.

Tip 2: Change The Fabrics

Change the fabrics. From drapes or curtains to the sheets and pillowcases, blankets on your furniture and other upholstery, everything has to be cleaned. If you do not have replacements for all, then you must come up with a cleaning system. For instance, some upholstery can be vacuumed. A few fabrics can be moistened and cleaned. These can be simply air dried in some time. It is necessary for a homeowner to know how different materials can be cleaned. There cannot be a generic guide about this as houses have different types of upholstery, fabrics, furniture and other objects. Blinds and drapes cannot be cleaned in the same way.

Tip 3: Glasses and Mirrors

The glasses and mirrors should be next. The window glass, the mirror in the bedroom, the centre table, the showcases and all other such objects should be properly cleaned. There are several cleaning agents for glass and mirror. Use an effective solution. Glass and mirror should be cleaned with a microfibre cloth. It is necessary to wet one piece of microfibre cloth and there must be another dry one. Both have to be used sequentially to cleanse and dry glass or a mirror. Normal cloth leaves streaks on glass.

 Tip 4: Surfaces: dusting or wiping? 

Some surfaces can be effectively cleaned while dusting. Others require wiping. This may need a bit of water or a cleaning agent. All such surfaces should be the next objective. The counters should not only be cleaned but also disinfected. Kitchen countertops, the dining table, the sink and the washbasin in the bathroom, all these installations should be disinfected. The distinct nature of these tasks is the reason why zone cleaning does not work. It is impractical to complete seven different steps in one room and then to repeat the whole process from the start in another. Every step needs prepping, different essentials and a distinct cleaning tactic.

 Tip 5: Start with the master bedroom

It is better to begin with the master bedroom, onto the living room and outward. The bathroom and kitchen should be last among the rooms. If there is a wet utility area, then that too should be clubbed with the kitchen and the bathrooms. Kitchen, bathrooms and wet utility areas require scrubbing. There are special cleaners for kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas. These are not identical. Using such cleaners make the whole process much easier and swifter. There are different cleaners for tiles, natural stones, sinks and basins, bathtubs and toilets. Every appliance and cabinet in the kitchen should be cleaned. The furnishings in the bathroom, including the plumbing fixtures, should be properly cleaned. They do not have to sparkle, but the lime buildup and dust should be cleaned.

 Tip 6: Cleaning the floors

The second last step is cleaning the floors. All floors should be cleaned in one broad stroke. If the floor in one room has already been cleaned, then that space should be locked or made inaccessible. It is easy to drag dust, dirt and other debris to a clean room while cleaning. Sweep, mop and scrub the floors. If the floor in any one room does not require scrubbing, then sweep and mop or use a vacuum for the carpets and rugs.

 Tip 7: Vacuum the entire house

Vacuum the entire house. Many people vacuum carpets, rugs and some furniture. It is fine to use a vacuum to clean surfaces, walls, ceilings and other objects that would not get sucked into the hose. Start vacuuming at the innermost part of the house and then venture outwards, eventually to the front door and beyond.



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