8 Amazing Tips for Perfect Floor Maintenance

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The floor of a house has always been a crucial factor in its evaluation. The floor says much more about the house than most people think.

However, not all floors are made equal and you need to know the traits of your floor if you are going to properly maintain it throughout the foreseeable future. For example, the way to properly maintain hardwood floors is different from how you will maintain tiled floors.

There are many things that can ruin a good floor including water leaks, huge impacts and accumulation of dirt. The following are some tips to help you perfectly maintain your floor:

  • Clean Your Floor Regularly

It may sound obvious but you will be surprised at the amount of dirt you can collect from a typical floor. The fact is that most people don’t clean their floors nearly enough and when they do, they do it improperly.

You should vacuum your floor at least once a week even when there is barely anyone in the house. You should clean even more often if you have rugs and carpets on the floor as they trap a lot of dust, grime and allergens.

You should invest in a quality vacuum cleaner if you don’t already own one. Look for one that makes the cleaning job as effortless and efficient as possible. 

If you can, you should also clean your floors with soap and water at least once a week especially after vacuuming them. A mop should do just fine.

  • Keep Shoes Off the Floor

One of the biggest detriments to floors in residential properties is shoes. Shoe soles are hard and can scuff the floor especially sharp and high heels. Moreover, most of the dirt in the house is transferred by shoes.

The good thing about this maintenance tip is that it requires very little effort. All you have to do is remember to take off your shoes at the door. However, that is easier said than done for most people.

The best thing to do is to have shoes with soft soles to wear inside the house like crocs or slippers. It will certainly make taking off shoes at the door much easier than otherwise.

  • Paint the Floor

If you want to properly maintain your floor, it may mean improving it from time to time. One of the ways to improve it is to paint your floor when necessary. A particularly fantastic way to paint your floor is to use resin coating –resin floor paint will make your floors look amazing. They can also make your floor harder and will protect it from other elements.

A resin coating on your floor will also make it much easier to clean than plain old concrete flooring. However, you should not try and paint the floor with resin yourself. It is better to hire professionals for your safety and better results.

  • Use Rugs

As with many other things, one of the best ways to protect your floors from damage is to place rugs on them. It is especially so if you have children or pets in the house who are destructive on floors.

You should place rugs on floors in entryways and other places to prevent various types of dirt and debris from destroying your floor. It is especially important that you place rugs in places with a lot of foot traffic.

There are many types of rugs that you can put in your house. For most people, it is a matter of matching the rugs with the rest of the room’s décor.

  • Trim Your Pet’s Nails

We love our pets but they might be one of the most destructive forces to the floor in your house. Their long claws and nails can cause significant damage on a typical floor.

Therefore, if you have pets that are constantly in the house, you should ensure that you trim their nails, you should take them to the groomers at least once a month for that specific purpose.

The floors and the ability to own pets is some of the most critical elements to consider when buying a house. If the floors are too delicate to house pets, then you should choose an alternative.

  • Avoid Liquid Cleaners

When cleaning the house, many people prefer to use liquid cleaning chemicals. Though they might be effective at sanitization, they may also be incredibly detrimental to your floors.

You should avoid using chemical cleaners especially when you have hardwood floors. The cleaners may have chemicals that have adverse reactions to the floor which end up damaging it.

You should keep it simple when cleaning the floors of your home. Vacuuming and using soap and water is often enough to maintain a good floor.

  • Wipe Spills and Debris Immediately

If you want to properly maintain the floors of your home, then you should be vigilant against spills and debris. It is often the case that people wait too long and by the time they get to clean them, the floor is already damaged.

Therefore, whenever there is a spill on the floor for example a wine spill or fallen food like a sauce, don’t wait. Clean it as fast as you can. You will require some discipline to achieve this.

If you wait too long, chances are the spill or debris will leave a stain on the floor. The result will be stain marks that are very difficult to remove.

  • Use Furniture Protectors

Furniture is a great element of a home and the rooms within it. Contrarily, furniture can also be the greatest harm to your floors.

If you have furniture in your home, especially heavy pieces, you should get protectors. The best ones are stick-on felt protectors that are not only durable but also easy to replace.

The constant movement of furniture when being used can seriously scuff your floors especially if they are hardwood. You should replace the protectors as often as necessary. 

Maintaining your floors is a full-time job. You need to be eternally vigilant if you are going to have good looking floors while inhabiting the house. The above points are sufficient to ensure your floors look great but you can always do more.



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