8 Improvements That Can Exponentially Increase Home Value

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Making improvements to your home may seem daunting, but choosing to do so may increase the value of your home tremendously.
Some improvements could be made for esthetic value because a beautiful house is more likely to sell quickly, but making functional improvements could attract more buyers.  It’s up to the homeowner what they would like to spend their money on, but with this list of improvements that can exponentially increase the home’s value, you cannot go wrong: 

Solar Panels 

Off-the-grid living has become more popular even in suburban areas. Installing solar panels for your home may be what buyers would be looking for should you decide to sell. Not only do the solar panels provide the freedom of off-the-grid living, but they’re also a source of sustainable energy that’s always available. Residential renewable energy solutions provided by solar panels will be a massive plus for any home as long as they’re professionally installed to provide maximum results. 

Security Systems 

People like to feel safe wherever they are. Having a state-of-the-art security system may contribute to potential buyers deciding to invest in your home. Security systems should be regularly tested and maintained for them to be effective. Ensure that this is routinely done in your home and update your system when needed. It doesn’t have to be the best system on the market, as long as it keeps loved ones safe. Suitable security measures could be considered as a value-added feature to your home. 

Water Filtration 

This feature is a plus point for any modern kitchen. Having safe, clean drinking water is a necessity for anyone. Water filtration devices could come in various shapes and sizes, with some being installed under the sink and others to their separate water supply. Whatever way it’s installed, it could most definitely add more value to the home. 

Connectivity Solutions 

In today’s age of information technology, homes with connectivity solutions would be the preferred buy. Fibre optic connectivity, being the top solution for home internet, will bring loads of value to the home. Installing Ethernet ports for connecting devices to the internet via cable would also help increase your home value.  Again, have a reputable company install these to ensure that the connections last long. 

Landscaped Gardens 

A well-manicured garden with lush lawns and beautiful plants and flowers may push up your home’s value. Hiring a professional would make it easier to get the right design and layout for the garden you have, but it could be done without their help. Look after your garden by regularly watering it and making sure that the grass and plants are regularly trimmed for a polished look.  A landscaped garden is sure to boost your home’s appeal to anyone looking on from the outside. 

Modern Bathrooms And Kitchens 

Two of the most used rooms in the home would have to be the bathroom and the kitchen. Modern, updated features and design could be another way to increase the value of your home. Walking into the kitchen should feel inviting like you want to spend time there to cook for your family. With your kitchen having modern features like functional storage spaces and beautiful finishes on cupboards and countertops, it’d be like walking into a slice of heaven. On the other hand, bathrooms should feel like an oasis with updated baths, showers, and vanities for easy, comfortable use. The bathroom should be a relaxed space where people can retreat from daily stress and worry. 

Exterior Upkeep 

Roofs, gutters, paint, porches, fences, and everything else you’ll find on the outside of your home could contribute to its value if properly maintained. Regularly do minor repairs to prevent severe issues and add a fresh coat of paint when needed. Good quality finishes could increase the value because the next owner wouldn’t have to reinstall or do them over. 

Climate Control 

The home shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. A reliable air conditioning system and proper insulation could make this possible.  Other solutions could be installing underfloor heating if your home is in a cooler climate area and maintaining the house’s furnace. All heating and cooling equipment should be in good working condition to maximise comfort levels. A home with these features will be worth a whole lot more than another home without them. 

Driving It Home 

There are so many options for homeowners to increase the value of their homes. Find the areas of your home that you’d like to improve, and it may be worth all the effort in the end. Functionality and comfort are critical, which most modern, updated features could provide, so don’t wait, renovate!


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