8 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Relocate

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Author: Kate Windleton

Тhe time to move out will inevitably come аt а certain period of your lifetime. There are probably a lot of things you like or don’t like about your home, and making the decision on what should stay or go can quickly turn into a hassle.

It is no easy feat to leave the life you have built for yourself behind, to let go of the relationships you built and the job that you have wanted for so long. On the other hand, relocating your home can sometimes be a necessity. For instance, you may have been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity that you simply cannot miss out.

No one can tell you when it is the right time to seek new horizons. However, thanks to the professional movers at Strong Move, we can provide you with some examples of when you may need to consider such a brave endeavour.

Feeling in the middle of nowhere

You feel your life is stuck and is going nowhere, that the future holds nothing exciting for you. This emotional state could result from your work, financial situation, social life, love interest, or all of the above. Generally speaking, the more areas in your life are in a state of stagnation, the more you should listen to that inner voice saying that you should move.

You always dreamed of that one place

Maybe it’s a place you’ve once visited or only heard about and watched in films and TV, but you’ve always felt compelled to go there. Your friends might find it strange, but a part of you has felt like you belong there for as long as you can remember. I

f you feel like a certain place has been beckoning you for ages, you should consider turning that dream into reality. A great place to start, is by looking into homes for sale in the Cranston Calgary area. Not only does it boast a great neighborhood, but it has you close to the Canadian Rockies.

What’s the weather like

If you are complaining more than a few times every hour about the weather at your location, then you might need to give your criticism some serious thought. The weather may sound like a silly reason to uproot your life, but the truth is that it has a very strong impact on your health and emotional well-being. If you’ve had it up to here with the cold or the heat, the snow, the rain or the drought, it’s a good a reason as any to go where you want to go.

Too many bad memories

You find yourself reliving awkward, sad, or difficult moment’s way too many times throughout the course of an otherwise uneventful day. Every grocery store, nail salon, and dentist’s office remind you of something or someone you don’t want to be reminded of, and you often go ridiculously out of your way to avoid certain places and people. If this is the case, a fresh start in a new city could be just what the doctor ordered.


Yes, it’s an obvious point, but examining expenses is a task that shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re considering a move. Sure, you might be able to upgrade your current home to fit your future needs, but will you see a return on investment when it’s time to sell? Now is the time to examine your finances and figure out if you should continue to save some cash to boost your down payment or use it to upgrade your master bathroom.

Your family is expanding

If you’re adding a couple of kids and/or pets to your family, upgrading your home is the logical next step. Aside from needing more space, aspects you may have overlooked before, like A-rated school districts and that sweet neighbourhood park, may suddenly become appealing. Don’t have kids? This rule still applies since buying a house in a great school district is a big plus when it’s time to sell.

Someone you care about is there

It’s a well-known fact that nobody likes long distance relationships. Please, don’t get me wrong here – that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t work. However, by definition they are fated to fade away as the time goes on. Also, it’s the twenty-first century and everyone likely has a career to care about. So, if you work for a multinational corporation with offices in every major city or you work from home, it might be time to consider moving where your significant other needs to be in order to succeed. If your kid, on the other hand, gets into the best graduate school, lands a dream job, or has a burning desire to start a deep sea fishing business, why not try to be nearby to offer your continuous support?

If Someone is Moving, You Become Jealous!

You may have cringed when you heard that someone is moving to another city, regardless if it’s your closest friend or a neighbour. You subconsciously start to hate that person and the first thing you do is to unfollow them on social media because you can’t stand to see another photo, video, or post about how much fun they’re having at their new location. No, it is not because of their bad attitude back in the day. It’s because you are jealous and you wish you had the courage to pack your bags and do the same!

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