8 Ways to Customize Your Dorm Room on a Budget

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Many students anticipate that decorating their dorm room will cost them huge money. It’s often a costly idea, but if you plan everything in advance and try to find cheaper alternatives, you may end up with a list of quite budget-friendly ideas.

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To ace, the difficult task of customizing your room while staying within reasonable budget limits, think of the parts that you may change first. There are:

  • Wallpapers
  • Curtains
  • Bedding and cushions
  • Plants
  • Lights

So, let’s focus on them then. Here are a few great ideas:

Create a Photo Mural

The best thing you need to liven up your room is a mural. You don’t have to damage property by using paint. All you need is to find posters or wallpapers that can help you add some personality to your room.

Print a big picture and hang it on the wall where others can see it. That’s definitely budget-friendly but also effective if your goal is to fight the boredom of white, yellow, or blue wallpaper colours.

Play with Lights

Lights can seriously impact the way your room looks at night. Don’t think that various kinds of lamps and lights have no effect on how your place is perceived. In fact, they can reflect your personality as well.

Experiment with different lights. They don’t have to be expensive to play a part in making your room look cosier than it is. However, you need to think about the way you will mix different colours and shapes of lights before you actually buy them.

Use Cushions to Add Colors

Decorating your room is impossible without cushions. These tiny things can do magic if your dorm room lacks colours. Different shapes and forms of these items on your bed will make your room a thousand times cosier.

At the same time, you don’t have to make expensive purchases. Some of these cushions can be found on marketplaces like eBay. If you want brand-new ones, you can make them yourself by sewing a few pieces of coloured textile.

Buy Some Rugs

Another thing that can make your room look lovelier is a rug. Students put them all over the room, starting with the floor and ending with the walls. You can get rid of boring bedding as well if you buy a creative rug.

Such purchases are not easy or cheap. However, you may go to websites where people sell their old stuff and find a precious piece there. Sometimes, used rugs sold on the Internet turn out to be a great fit for your room.

Grow Plants

Growing plants is a good idea not only because it means you’ll have fresher air. Greens make your room look more alive. However, don’t aim to grow a forest in your room. Instead, choose simple and tiny plants that don’t require much attention.

After all, your goal is to decorate your room to make it more live-able. Small cacti or hardy bushes might be the plants you need. Pick up them if you are puzzled about what plants would fit your lifestyle the best.

Buy a Projector

If the size of your room allows, you can turn it into a movie theatre. There are lots of projectors now that require neither lots of money nor special equipment. All you need is an empty wall of a light colour.

You can buy this device and use your smartphone to channel your favourite films. There is no need for expensive TVs anymore. A small projector will be enough to stream Netflix series and reflect them on your wall.

Purchase Handy Appliances

When you move to a dorm room, you’ll see that there isn’t enough furniture there for all your stuff. You’ll definitely need to buy some to put all your belongings in order.

Use this opportunity to make yourself feel at home. Buy things that would either highlight your personality or remind you of your room at home. Those new appliances don’t cost much, but they definitely can make your dorm room a better place.

Use Washi Tape

This budget-friendly thing from a DIY store can save you lots of money if you want old dorm furniture to brighten up again. The best thing about it is that it can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

Thus, you can cover boring shelves, wardrobes, or even headboards with this tape, adding some colours and covering the things you don’t think look good in your room. This is a brilliant idea for those who don’t want to spend much on the room but still seek some comfort in there.

To sum up, just let your imagination take over and seek cheaper alternatives for every idea you’ve got. Decoration today is easier and budget-friendlier than it ever was.



Ref number: THSI-2394

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