8 Ways to Keep Your Floor Looking Brand new

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New floors are an important investment. Regardless of whether you choose a carpet, wood, tile or something like synthetic material, it’s natural that you want to look fantastic for as long as possible. Cleaning laminate floors, for example, should always be part of your routine to ensure that your floor will look new and function well for the longest time possible. Your flooring covers all areas of your home, and its appearance can significantly affect the value and ambiance of your property. 

Surprisingly, cleaning your floors is not hard work. In fact, one of the main methods of maintaining the beautiful appearance of floors is small, constant care and maintenance. As long as you practice these steps regularly, you will regularly enjoy brand new looking floors in the years to come!

Some of the best tricks from trading are highlighted below.

Familiarize yourself with the vacuuming schedule


If you wait until the floor in your home is clearly vacuumed, you will do wrong. Until the floor definitely required a serious cleaning, a lot of dirt and mud penetrated the deepest recesses. In the case of a carpet, dirt penetrates deep into the pile and penetrates the gasket below. Over time, dust and dirt build-up can cause infections and allergies to everyone living in your home. This can pose serious health risks, especially if you have highly sensitive skin or currently have asthma. 

When wood, sand, and dirt rub against the surface, scratching it; it can also fall between boards, causing long-term damage. In tiles, dirt accumulates in the cement mortar between the tiles and can cause permanent discoloration.

Avoid surface damage whenever possible


Take steps to ensure that the surface of the hardwood floor will not be damaged by things such as animal claws and high heels. Ask family members to take off their shoes before walking on the floor and mow their nails so that they do not scratch the surface. In places with heavy traffic, floor mats protect the parquet floor well.

Let your family and visitors use soft slippers whenever they enter your home. This will provide comfort to their feet and encourage them to leave their shoes outside your house. 

For pets and children, allocate a designated area for them by using playpens. This will limit their movement and ensure that they will only stay in one area of your home. 

Use furniture gliders


Preventive maintenance is crucial to make wooden floors look like new. Use gliders when moving heavy furniture. In the case of an area such as a dining room, the chairs should be lifted and installed, not pulled on the floor.

If you have kids in your home, teach them to carry their toys instead of dragging them around. If they want to move their chairs around or take their dolls or robots in another area of the house, let them understand how important it is to carry them. 

Keep an eye whenever they carry items around and always offer help whenever you notice that your kids can no longer do this on their own.

Clean spills right away


Stains can damage any type of floor. This is especially important when you are allowed to sit for a long time. If you are dealing with a small amount of snow and dirt that has been found outside or with a glass of grape juice, time is always important. The longer you leave these stains on your floor, the more damage it can cause. 

When using carpets, fast action does not cause stains to harden and is not absorbed by the pad below. Leaving spills on your carpet will not only damage the surface underneath it, but these can also ruin the appearance of your carpet.  In the case of wood, it will reflect the unpleasant patches of moisture, which usually require grinding and finishing to solve the problem.


Use Doormats


To avoid staining wooden floors, use rugs or mats every time you enter the house. To best protect your flooring, Ashley Nielsen from https://www.onlineflooringstore.com.au suggests placing mats at every entrance to your home and asking guests to remove their shoes before getting into the house. Dirt that gets on the floor from the shoe can cause scratches and surface damage. Doormats are not very expensive and ensure your flooring has a longer lifespan and at the same time, it ensures your floor looks shiny and welcoming. They have the ability to withstand traffic and weather thus prolong floor lifespan.

Weekly Vacuuming and Mopping


Weekly vacuuming and washing will help you cope in hard to reach places that everyday cleaning cannot handle. Vacuum cleaners and mops are ideal tools for removing dust and allergens from problem areas such as furniture, corners, narrow spaces and cracks between wooden boards. However, these tools must be used carefully to prevent damage and wear to the wooden floor. When using a vacuum cleaner, use a soft bristle nozzle specifically designed for hardwood floors.


First, clean the microfiber mop to remove large particles and impurities before cleaning. Attempting to vacuum in the presence of debris pieces may scratch the floor surface. After cleaning the floors, you can start vacuuming with the floor brush attachment. After cleaning, wipe it with a slightly moist mop. Brett Brown From ToolsReviewss suggests that, never use a wet mop to clean  floors. Cleaning with a wet mop can damage water because wood is a porous material. This can reduce the life of the floor.

Perform intensive cleaning from time to time


From time to time, good accents can be used on all floors. If you have time and patience, you can clean the rugs thoroughly every six months. Machines can be rented in hardware stores or you can buy your own carpet cleaning machine. Because this type of work should only be done once or twice a year, paying a bit more, this is not such a big problem.

If you don’t have the time or knowledge of how to perform extensive cleaning on your floors, hire professionals instead. They have the equipment and training to thoroughly clean your floors and even clean other areas of your home! 

Monthly Conditioning and Polishing


In order for the floor to look dull and retain its shine, you should use a conditioner for wooden floors every month and polish it every few months. Using a wood conditioner works on the wood surface, reinforcing the sealant covering the wooden floor. Polishing should take place more economically. As in the case of conditioning, it is the same sealant that is used during polishing.

Never use oil-based cleaners


An oil-based cleaner is not recommended for hardwood floors because it can spoil the coating and create oily residues difficult to remove. Make sure you use a reputable cleaner specifically designed for floors. These cleaning agents include products that protect floors from damage by water.

Take care of emerging problems


It does not matter if you notice new squeaks on wooden floors or you notice chips on tiled floors, do not put these problems aside. Small problems can become serious problems if left unchecked. When the problem arises, respond quickly. In combination with the previous advice, these small but important steps will help you keep the floor at home again.

Daily Dusting


Keep the dust under control so that the floors will have good cleanliness. Sweeping the floor with a microfibre mop or soft brush regularly prevents the accumulation of dust and particles and provides the best protection against surface scratches that cause it to shine. The microfiber mop has cleaning inserts that use static electricity to trap dirt, animal hair, and dust. A soft broom can also be used to collect large crumbs. However, the microfiber is more effective when cleaning wood floors than a soft broom, because the soft brooms tend to push dirt and allergens.


The above are some of the ways to keep your floor looking brand new. Maintaining your floor requires hard work and commitment as one has to duly use various techniques and discipline such as daily dusting and also be aware of emerging issues. When the floor becomes dusty it needs to be cleaned/mobbed immediately so as to avoid the dust from spreading to other parts of the floor.


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