Advantages of Floating Holiday Homes

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Having you been looking for a holiday home? Are you scared or nervous about making a commitment to a holiday destination because you are one of those people who would rather travel while on vacation? If so, consider purchasing a floating condo!

Floating condos have proved their selves to be a very unique type of housing investment prospect. Now, through innovation, anyone can own a floating unit on today’s most luxurious cruise ships with some great deal cruises. The commitment a person must make when it comes to owning a floating condo is the price of the unit plus an annual maintenance fee. With the value of floating condos increasing, anyone who enjoys living the aquatic life is finding these types of homes fit them best.

Among these floating cities are clothing stores, golf courses, swimming pools, medical facilities, grocery markets, restaurants, and just about any type of store or recreational activity one would need or want on a residential cruise ship. Some of the ships travel the entire globe, always in pursuit of good weather, while others travel only within specific regions.

MS The World

This residential cruise ship was the first ship ever to offer people the chance to buy private luxury floating condos. It set sail in 2002 and began a trend that was easily caught on to. This ship is considered a very desirable floating community to sail upon, and its condo units’ price ranges from $600,000 to $13,500,000 US.

Ocean Residences

This ship is owned by Four Seasons and its unit prices begin at $3,500,000 and end at around $40,000,000 US. This ship is definitely for those people who are accustomed to living in luxury. It provides 112 units and it stops at some of the most exotic ports in the world. To tend to everyone’s tastes, the ship schedules its stops around popular world events, such as the Rio’s Carnival, The America’s Cup and even the world Olympic Games.

The Pacific Aurora

This floating condo ship does not travel the entire globe. It is docked of a cost in Vancouver 5 days out of the week. Then on weekends, it makes short trips to Victoria Island, the Sunshine Coast, and the Campbell River. A two week adventure is taken every year, usually to Alaska or San Francisco. This ship is a very good investment opportunity, as its condo units’ price range from $189,000 to $600,000 CN.

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