An Eye-tracking Experiment Reveals What Property Buyers Look Out For

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House viewing is an exciting venture, especially when one is looking for a dream home. Different people look out for different characteristics due to the difference in taste and preferences. However, the global pandemic has made a majority of people consider different factors when viewing a property.

An eye-tracking experiment was carried out on four properties to see what most buyers consider when viewing a property. The things considered vary from the availability of parking, radiators, boilers, and gutters.

Some sellers are not aware of what most people consider and hence do not adequately prepare their houses for viewership.

For the modern property investor, convenience is everything! It complements living standards even in the most basic obligations like smart home technologies, trendy flooring, security systems. 

Here are a few things that any sellers should make sure are in check before parading a house for viewership: 


Is there a garage on the property? If present, is it off-road or on-road? The majority prefer an off-road garage because they will not have to worry about a permit. Garages are also used for storage; the design and size should be good enough for storage. They should also be able to host more than one vehicle. The safety of the garage and everything that is in it – is also important. According to statistics of company Houston Locksmith during the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of burglaries in garages and houses doubled. 


A good driveway makes a house looks good, and it becomes easy to sell. It also adds some value to the property. It should be one that makes the buyer interested in the property more. Most buyers prefer a wide driveway where they can pack more than one car.


A buyer will want to know if radiators work due to the low-temperature seasons. Some seasons are extremely cold, and buyers were interested in knowing how comfortable they will be in the house during such seasons. Before considering a property, most buyers will make sure the radiators are working and in good condition.

Drains and gutters

Before putting a house for viewership, a seller should ensure that the drainage system and the gutters are working. During the experiment, most buyers were very keen on how the property’s drainage system was operating. They were also looking at the gutters and their potential to harvest clean water on a rainy day. Buyers were also looking at the gutters’ state, whether they are clean, new, and how effective they were when it’s raining. 


Most buyers were very keen on the plumbing of the house. A seller should make sure that the hot water system is working well. Water should also come through the taps without difficulty. Most of the buyers were ensuring that all taps are working. The water pressure was also being considered. Therefore, any seller should consider all these factors are in line as it only takes one trivial detail to get a potential buyer disinterested in the house. If it’s not standard, it is advisable to involve a plumber before putting a house for viewership.

Access to the garden

Most of the buyers were keen on noting how accessible the garden was. The pandemic has made a lot of people appreciate space on their property. A place they can kick back and get a burst of fresh air. Sellers should ensure that the property is designed in such a way that the garden is easily accessible and can be optimized according to a broad range of user preferences.


Many buyers were keen to see if the floors were slippery and accident-prone factors in the house. This was especially important for a family set up. Clients were also checking the quality and durability of the flooring. Can the floor be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner? The eye-tracking experiment reveals that sellers should consider the material used to prepare the floors and ensure that it is up to date according to the market’s latest flooring trends.

House lighting

During the experiment, buyers were checking to see how well lit every room was. Most preferred rooms with access to natural light during the daytime. They were also checking switches in the house, whether they were operational or not. Potential buyers also preferred living rooms with large windows. Before putting a house for viewership, a seller must ensure that lighting is optimized as it gives the property a lively ambience.


Buyers were very keen on knowing the kind of neighbourhood surrounding the property. They wanted to interact with the neighbours to get a first-hand review of how the neighbourhood was generally. Every buyer wants to buy a house in a safe neighbourhood where they can conveniently access public facilities like modern shopping malls, good healthcare facilities, fine schools, etc.



Ref number: THSI-2010

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