Are Metal Homes Cheaper to Build?

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This is an exciting and topical question but not one that has a straightforward yes or no answer. The first point is that it will depend on what you compare it to. It is also essential to consider the ongoing costs associated with any home.

The standard approach for building with metal is to create a solid outline of the building using steel beams. These are welded or bolted together to create the different floors and complete the outline of the house. You can then add sheet metal, cladding or any other type of finish to create the home of your dreams.

The Cost Of Metal

If you build a steel frame home, you’ll find that purchasing the frame is cheaper than buying conventional steel. Of course, you’ll need to locate reputable steel suppliers to ensure you get the best product for your needs.

Part of this reduced cost is that a steel frame house consists of a pre-existing pattern; you may not get the opportunity to customize the build on the outside.

However, the cost of the metal to build a home in the United States can be expensive. Denver real estate agent Brian Burke said, “The average price for a steel frame home is between $5,000 and $20,000. An aluminium frame home is between $10,000 and $30,000. A copper frame home is between $15,000 and $40,000.”

The actual cost of metal can vary according to the demand and availability, but most firms actually recycle steel now, which helps to hold the cost stable.

However, no matter how attractive the price, the metal home will cost more than a similar style wooden home. In fact, even a precast concrete home or a traditional build is likely to come in cheaper than a metal home.

But there are other factors to consider:

Speed Of Build

The metal frame house is constructed off-site and delivered on a specified date. Putting the frame together and creating the house can take just a few weeks! That’s pretty impressive compared to the months you will take to finish a wood or brick home.

In short, you’ll need fewer labourers, saving yourself a small fortune on the build cost.

Space Optimization

There is no need for massive walls to support the house and roof when you use metal. The frame is all you need, and the rest of the space can be filled in accordingly.

This means a metal house is actually more versatile when designing the living and even working space; potentially saving you from travelling to work or building a separate until for your work.


Steel houses are now built with fantastic insulation; this ensures you’ll need minimal heating and cooling systems inside your home, reducing the cost of running your home.


Perhaps most importantly is that your metal home will need very little maintenance. If you are in a tropical climate, you may need to apply extra protection to your house during the build stage. This will then give you long-term protection against the elements without needing to undertake regular maintenance work.

This could save you a lot of time or the cost of hiring a maintenance contractor, making the metal home the cheaper option in the long run.

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