Are Overhead Garage Storage Racks Safe

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For many homeowners, the garage is a favourite spot for different projects and enjoying indoor hobbies.

It is a great place to store various things, from tools to books and bikes. Over time, the garage could get cluttered with things everywhere on the floor.

This can result in almost no available space and expose you to the risk of getting injured by the items lying around.

In a 2019 survey by the National Association of Productivity & Organization (NAPO), 43.7 per cent of respondents considered the garage the most disorganised storage area in their homes.

Many homeowners purchase Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks to optimise their garage space and reduce safety hazards.

What are overhead storage racks?

A garage overhead rack is used to store large or bulky items. It is mounted to the ceiling or overhead support to use vertical spaces, creating more floor space.

These storage racks are made from industrial-grade durable steel. The design features a wire decking that allows visibility of the stored items from beneath.

Types of overhead storage racks

Overhead garage storage racks are customisable to suit your needs. They come in different sizes, but the best for your garage depends on the ceiling type.

Standard sizes include 2′ x 8′, 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 6′ and 4′ x 8′.

These racks can handle a maximum load of 600 pounds. However, it is recommended to spread the weight load over as many trusses or joints as possible.

A truss combination should support about 40 pounds per square foot.

Things you can store with overhead storage racks

Except for no alternative, overhead storage racks should be used to store less frequently used items.

This will save the stress and risk of reaching for them every time.

Some of the items you can store with overhead garage racks include;

  • Seasonal decorations
  • Sleeping bags
  • Folding chairs
  • Winter gear
  • Kayaks
  • Ladder
  • Canoes
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Bikes
  • Camping gear

Are overhead storage racks safe?

These storage racks are suspended from the ceiling. Logically, homeowners should be worried about their safety.

Moreover, from its looks, a suspended metal rack screwed to the ceiling could fall off. This is a potential risk for anyone or the car underneath.

Despite this, overhead garage storage racks have gained more popularity. They are safe when installed the right way.

Except you have the experience, always employ the service of an expert to install your overhead garage racks.

A professional will evaluate the ceiling type to recommend the best design for your purpose.

Mistakes to avoid when buying and installing storage racks

Usage of overhead storage racks in your garage is safe, provided you avoid these common mistakes;

Buying without research

Like any other thing, buying a garage storage rack requires thorough research. Check for the brands recommended in the market.

Read the reviews about any manufacturer that interests you. Reach out to previous customers to ask about their experience.

Check relevant authorities’ websites to ascertain if the storage rack you are considering has no defect.

In April 2022, for instance, the Consumer Product Safety Solution (CPSC) notified the public that about 12,800 overhead garage storage racks were recalled.

Hex bolts in the overhead garage storage racks were suspected to be defective and could cause the racks to collapse from the ceiling, posing a hazard for impact injuries.

Maxing out designated weight

Every overhead garage storage rack has a designated weight. This load is expected not to be exceeded to avoid collapse.

However, for optimal safety, it is recommended that you do not store up to the maximum load in the rack.

Remember, roofs get old. Its durability at the time the rack was installed is likely to decrease over the years.

Therefore, it may be unable to withstand the maximum weight load of the rack.

Also, if you are still determining the maximum weight load for a rack, it is better to only store a few loads instead of piling loads until you notice any strain in the ceiling.

Installing garage storage racks yourself

Your safety is paramount and worth more than the few bucks you might be saving with the DIY installation of garage storage racks.

To save cost, you buy racks from suppliers that offer professional installation.

A professional will help you assess your ceiling to decide which garage storage rack is best for you.

This way, you can be sure of a sturdy and safe storage rack hanging over your head in the garage.

It usually takes technicians a few hours to complete installation.

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