Are you moving Into a House for the First Time? Don’t Overlook These Vital Steps.

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Buying a new house can be exciting because it is a unique place to start so many new adventures. You could be moving out on your own for the first time, or you could be moving into a home that is finally yours. There are no more rentals to worry about, and you can add some of your unique styles to it to make it your own. 

The downside about buying a new home for many people purchasing a less expensive home is that they often miss small details when viewing it with an estate agent. The critical thing to remember is that as lovely as an estate agent can be, they are still thinking about their own pockets, so they are happy to overlook a few things to get you to sign as quickly as possible. A list of things to look out for is listed below to help you avoid buying a home full of costly secrets. Let’s take a look at them:

Look for damp spots 

The most depreciating thing to happen to any home is the spread of damp and mould. Damp and mildew can cause serious illness over time and make your home harder to resell if you decide to move into a bigger house or a different area. You cannot altogether remove mould from a place once it has settled in without removing parts of that area. Homeowners desperate to sell often hide it well under a quick coat of paint, but there are still ways to see if a site has been affected by damp or mould. Remediation costs can be high depending on whether you remove it from crawl spaces, ducts, walls or the roof. Check if the paint texture is even and if they painted multiple layers on top of each other. Usually, when people try to hide mould with paint to avoid the expense of fixing it, they double coat. The overcoating can cause bubbling or swelling that shows when the paint has dried. If you see any of this, then ask to review the home and bring a professional with you to confirm. 


One will always welcome the thought of a home with lots of light and fresh air far above one with poor light and no air. You might not want a completely open window scenario, but you might enjoy a good view and a bit of light in a room where it matters. Bathrooms are known for gathering light mould and being situated in areas that attract pests, so look out for windows that have what you are looking for in light and ventilation. You want to keep the fresh air in and problems off, so consider the size of your windows for curtains or blind installations. 


If your dream home has suffered from vigilante artworks, you will need to look into the extent and cost of repairs. Most homeowners cover graffiti with more paint that can mix with the chemical compounds of the spray paint. Over time the spray paint might start to show through, leaving you with the task of repainting your home to match the colour and hide the art. You can take care of the graffiti removal on your own, but you will need to look at the cost before signing if a professional is required. What might seem like a quick job could be a costly relationship, so keep an eye out.

Unwanted pests  

You will never really know if the home you have bought is yours until you have lived in it for a while and what might sound like a ghost in the night could be something far less sinister. Pigeons and sparrows are famous for nesting in roofs and nearby gutters, and the sound could be annoying. Not to mention the parasites and the mess they leave. Keep a lookout for homes around yours that may have shielding against birds like reflective trinkets or roosting spikes. These gadgets are an indication that they had a wild bird problem. If you see holes in the roof or along the gutter, then see it as a possible problem area for birds that might come around looking for shelter. Bird control in the UK is viral because of wild birds nesting wherever they can. It is illegal to kill or remove them inhumanely, and you will need to call a professional service if this becomes a problem. If you would like to avoid the costs of constantly needing to remove them, look at the precautions before moving in. 


The next big thing that most new owners want to do is invite their friends and family to see their newly decorated home. A big part of having them over is the entertainment area where the TV entertainment system would be situated. When you buy your new home, and you look through the rooms. You can get a vague idea of where you would allocate space for this purpose. Once you have decided on the tv room, you need to figure out if it will be an excellent place to install your TV and satellite system. Some areas in a house have dense walls that can hinder your reception, giving you an endless stream of connectivity problems. The temptation might lead you to solve the problem yourself, but too many attempts could leave your digital equipment fried because of an overload of power and needing replacement. 

If you are into high tech equipment and want that complete home theatre system set up, your best would be to call in a professional and get their opinion on how to check if a TV aerial is working correctly. Even if you did the initial set up on your own, you still want to ensure that the home location doesn’t deter the signal from coming through properly. Preselected rooms for a home can become a nightmare if the tiniest details do not work well. A former baby room might need to become a TV room just because of the wrong signal, so check before deciding. 



Ref number: THSI-2273

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