Buying A House? Here’s Why You Need A Septic System Inspection

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Most homes in cities across the country are today connected with the main sewerage system. But many homes in the countryside are still using septic tank systems to dispose of their wastewater. If you are planning to buy a home having a septic tank, you must go for its inspection before finalizing the deal. Many buyers have paid dearly after buying a home just because they chose to ignore the inspection of the septic system.  Repair of a septic tank system can prove to be a costly and tiring exercise. In this article, we shall talk about the reasons why it is necessary to ask for a septic tank system inspection before buying a house.

Inspection Is Mandatory In Some States

Just like the condition of the roof, you must insist on carrying out a proper inspection of the septic system of the property you plan to buy. The people behind explained that many states require inspection of the septic system before the deal can be finalized. Many lenders ask for the inspection of the septic system before approving the loan application. If you find that the property you are interested in buying makes use of a septic tank for the disposal of wastewater, it is in your interest to ask for its inspection before signing the deal. Repair of the septic system after the close of the deal can prove to be a very costly affair.

Every Septic System Has A Certain Life

Every septic tank system is designed to fulfil the requirements of wastewater disposal of a household for certain years. Even properly designed and installed septic tanks usually last for not more than 25 years.  Once can improve the life of the septic system for a few years if he carries out pumping after every 3-4 years. It is in your interest to know when the septic tank system was installed to have a clear idea of how long it will last. Be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on the repair of the septic tank if it is very old.

Condition Of The Core Components

Many people believe a septic tank is just the physical tank that collects and processes the wastewater. But the entire septic system is made up of many components like the pipes connecting to the tank, the physical tank, and the drain field in which the wastewater is released after treatment. Besides physical damage to the tank, you should also get the condition of the pipes and the drain field inspected before buying the house. Pipes connecting to the tank get broken because of the paving of the surface. Constant driving over this area also causes breakage of the septic tank system. You must get the real condition of the complete septic tank system evaluated by a professional inspector before closing the deal.

You Avoid Expensive Repairs Later On

One of the most important reasons why you must go for the inspection of the septic tank system is to prevent costly repairs later on. If you find that the wastewater generated by your family is not draining efficiently, you will need to call in expert plumbers to look at the root cause of the problem. There can be n numbers of reasons why the septic tank system of a house is failing. It is only through an inspection of the system that you get to know the exact reason for failure. Whether it is improper installation, lack of maintenance, or excessive use of water that is behind the failure of the septic system, you will need to spend a lot of money in finding a solution to the problem. 

The Health Of Your Family Members Stands At A Risk 

If the septic tank has not been pumped out for more than 3 years, chances are that it is getting clogged and already overloaded. If you hear gurgling sounds whenever the toilet is flushed, it is a clear indication that the septic tank is nearing its capacity to process wastewater. If you ignore these signs at the time of purchase of the home, you can pay dearly after a few months. It is not just a question of paying a huge amount of money for the repairs of the septic tank but also poses a risk to the health of your family members. An overloaded septic tank system starts to release wastewater without its treatment, thereby contaminating the source of fresh water. Your family also faces the problem of bad odours coming out of backing up wastewater. 

Paving And Tree Roots Can Damage The Drain Field

Many homeowners make the mistake of destroying the drain field by paving the surface. It can crush the pipes underneath and also lead to the compacting of the soil. Some homeowners plant trees to enhance the curb appeal of their property. Roots grow over time and reach the tank and the pipes laid underneath. If you see the use of automobiles over the drain field, you must ask for a thorough inspection of the septic tank system. Heavily compacted soil is not able to absorb the wastewater released from the septic tank. Also, tree roots can damage the tank and the pipes over a long time. 

When buying a home with its septic tank system, you must include the contingency of septic system inspection in the offer made to the homeowner. It saves you from lots of troubles later on that usually result from improper installation, age of the septic tank, and lack of preventive maintenance. You must get the septic tank inspected by a certified professional before the close of the deal. Ask the owner about the exact age of the septic tank and the records of cleaning and maintenance to be sure about the condition of the septic tank system. If you include the contingency of inspection of the septic tank in your contract, you always have the freedom of walking out of the deal if the condition of the septic tank turns out to be very poor.




Ref number: THSI-2176

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