Can a Rental Feel Like Home?

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Like many people living in London, you might not own the property you live in. This shouldn’t stop it from feeling like home, though. The right decorative touches can make a huge difference to the overall feel of your abode.

If you are just looking for a new home, you can start off by describing what you want to the team at Fish Need Water, estate agents in London. Letting them know what will make you comfortable can help them narrow down your search and better match you to the right landlord.

Add some colour

Of course, assuming you can do so, a lick of paint can go a huge way to customising your home. While you will likely see a lot of magnolia when you first move in, changing the colour to something warmer or more suited to your taste can make a big impact. This is a change that is easily reversible too, so most landlords are happy to allow it. A feature wall can be a good way of adding a splash of colour, or even a pattern with a bit of wallpaper.

If you aren’t able to paint or wallpaper, splashes of colour can be added to the walls through bright prints, posters, and other artwork. A wall hanging can be a great way to fill the space and add some interest.

Make some changes

The soft furnishings you choose are also important in making your rental property feel like home. Don’t assume that you can or should drag every piece of furniture you own to a new home. Something that looked perfect in your last flat will look out of place and awkward in your new home.

Consider buying new furniture when you move in, giving your new home its own personality. It will also save you moving furniture from place to place, as you can sell your existing collection before you move.

Floor to ceiling

Two elements that can make a big impact are the most overlooked parts of a home‘s decor – the floors and the ceilings. Having the right floor coverings can instantly make your house a home; whether you have laminate, hard wood, or carpeted flooring, consider adding a few area rugs for extra colour and pattern, and it will also help protect the flooring from damage.

When it comes to the ceiling, evaluate the lighting. You might be able to swap out fixtures for something that is more in line with your personal tastes. Changing shades can also make the lighting reflect your style. Even something as simple as changing the type of bulb can make a difference, like switching from harsh lighting to a soft mood lighting, for instance.

With lighting, you might want to forego the ceiling fixtures altogether. A room with lamps can be much more welcoming and homely than one that relies on overhead lighting. This is also an opportunity to bring some personality into your home decor.
However you change your rented home, it is certainly possible to make it feel like it truly belongs to you. Of course, the first step is finding the right place. London estate agents Fish Need Water can always help.

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