Can You Have an Inflatable Hot Tub Indoors?

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Who doesn’t love relaxing in their own pool of warm and comfortable water at the end of a busy day? There is even something to be said for doing so when fall and winter come around, even though the temperature outside of the hot tub might be less than appealing, the temperature on the inside can be perfect. However, what if you want to bring your hot tub indoors?

It might sound ridiculous and perhaps that’s why you’ve never thought of doing such a thing. When the temperature cools right down and you can’t bear to leave your warm house into the cold outside to get to your hot tub, you might be pleased to know you can have inflatable hot tubs indoors.

What we have found is that rather than asking the question posed in the title of this post, the more important question is where can you have inflatable hot tubs in your home? That’s what we are going to discuss, by highlighting some tips and advice for choosing the right spot.

Make Sure the Water Supply is Accessible

This seems common sense, but we felt it was still important to mention it in this post. You need to make sure your inflatable hot tub will be close enough to the water supply you are going to use to fill it up. It would not be very smart, after all, to put it in a room at the other side of your home to where the main water supply is because then you would have to walk through the entire property to bring the water to it or set up the hoses and pumps.

Proper Drainage is Vital

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best place to put your inflatable hot tub is to make sure that there is proper drainage. While it would be great and less hassle if you could simply leave it filled up with water and not have to deal with it again, in the interests of hygiene and good hot tub maintenance, you will have to empty and refill it regularly. Therefore, you want to place it somewhere that this is not going to be too difficult. It may sound fun to have it in your bedroom, but is that practical? Again, choose somewhere close to your water supply.

Suitable Flooring

No matter how careful you are getting in and out of hot tubs, they are always going to have some degree of water spillage over the edges. Therefore, just as it’s important to make sure you have easy access to your water supply and adequate drainage, you need to make sure that the flooring in the room you intend on erecting your inflatable hot tub is suitable.

Carpeted flooring is obviously out. You need to have a waterproof surface like tiles.

Adequate Ventilation

Hot water and steam with a room that does not have a window or vents is not a good combination. If you want to avoid the many issues that could arise from such a setup, you need to think carefully about the room you are going to put your inflatable hot tub in. Make sure there are extractor fans in place and windows, vents and other forms of ventilation to help prevent excessive condensation and the chance of dampness becoming mould and mildew.

Although it may take some practical thinking and you may need to rearrange some things in your home, if you have a big enough space for it and want to benefit from those relaxing dips in the hot water without venturing beyond the front door, it is worth trying to have your inflatable hot tub indoors.


Ref number: THSI-2081

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