Canal Living – The Pros and Cons of Living On The Water

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  • Less Pollution – Live aboard communities are often rather green, and with a limited supply of water and electricity who wouldn’t be? So if you’ve already got a sharp eye for those meters ticking over the boat life could be for you.  

  • Its good for your health –  Moving water actually gives off negative ions, which can be beneficial to your health by actually helping to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain to help combat drowsiness, depression and stress. 

  • Houseboats hold their value – Unlike brink and mortar houses, houseboats are less prone to be affected by the price rises and falls of the housing market, giving you a little bit of stability to your life, well in terms of the financial market that is.

  • Moving Around – If you’re not tied down with a job and love to see new places just unhitch those mooring ropes and drift yourself down the river for that scenic bohemian life.


  • Water Supply – It might seem a bit ironic, but when living in a houseboat you rely (if not connected to the mains) almost solely on water from your own tank, and thats a finite amount. So you’ll be counting those flushes until its time to stock up again. 

  • Electrics Similar to your water supply, unless you’re in a fixed position and attached to the mains then you may be subject to power shortages and inefficient lines, that is unless you’ve got some nifty little solar panels on your roof to help you.

  • There is an ever present flood risk –  although you would expect a boat to just rise above it (excuse the pun) rapidly rising water levels and fast currents can damage moorings and it can all get a bit Noah’s Ark pretty quickly.

  • Car Parking – Unless you have a permanent residential mooring location then parking your car might prove a little tricky, but hey if you’re a keen cyclist then the world is your oyster!

  • Mooring fees – Just like paying rent you need to pay a mooring fee if you want to park up your boat.

  • Licensing and The Boat Safety Scheme – Just like car insurance a boat also needs to be licensed and undergo a BSS (the boating version of an MOT) to be able to cruise the waterways.  

  • Not such a great idea if you’re prone to motion/sea sickness –  I think this one is fairly self-explanatory. 

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