Carpet Guide: How Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned Increases Property Value

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Is it time to increase your properties value before putting it up for sale?

This is a situation many property owners find themselves in and it’s not easy to decide what the best investments is. So let’s look at the benefits of professionally cleaning the carpets.

There are several advantages to getting carpets cleaned and it’s important to make the decision as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why clean carpets much such a significant difference to a property’s overall value.

Great First impression

It starts with a great first impression. 

Imagine walking into someone’s house for the first time and taking a look around. What is the first thing you are going to look for? You are going to focus on the cleanliness of the first room you see and this includes the walls and carpeting. If the home doesn’t look clean, you are going to judge it on the spot. Subconsciously you don’t even realise that you’re lower the amount you’ll pay for the property.

This is the same mindset potential buyers are going to have as they start looking around for a good buy. They are going to be even more ruthless because their money is on the line.

They don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t speak to their hearts right away, which is why clean carpets are a must. This is a way to ensure you are creating a great first impression and the property doesn’t become a long-term issue. You want to keep things simple and that is what a carpet cleaning company can do.

Removes Odours

When there are odd smells in the property that linger around, this can start to take away from the property’s charm. Think about a house that used to smell a lot whenever you walked into it. Did this house appeal to you? Would you want to buy a house like this?

In most situations, you are going to run the other way and the same applies to potential buyers that are thinking about buying a property in your area.

If they enter the property and the carpets smell, they are going to walk away. No one wants to know what is lying under the carpet or what may have seeped into the carpet over time. As a result, you want to take immediate action and ensure professionals go through every inch to make sure the carpeting is as clean as it needs to be. Anything short of this is not going to cut it and you are not going to appreciate the results at all once it’s time to sell.

However, when you do get it cleaned by professionals, the carpet will smell amazing. It’s going to have a pleasant aroma to it that will only add to the property’s value and make it appear brand-new.

Improved Aesthetics

You have to think about aesthetics when it comes to increasing the property’s value. A lot of the valuations put out on the market have to do with appearances and that includes carpeting.

If the house doesn’t look the part, people are not going to want to pay the price. They are going to run away. It’s actually proven that if you rent nice cars and park them in front of a house up for auction can actually add thousands to the auction price.

How? As it’s playing with the minds of the buyers. The same goes for the carpet. What game do you want to play? One that increase the value of the property by having a clean interior. Or the one that lowers your sale price simply because you didn’t want to invest the few dollars that it would take to get professional carpet cleaning. The choice is pretty obvious.

This is why it’s smart to speak to a professional carpet cleaning company as soon as possible to clean everything. This will allow the property to smell and look good year-round and when it goes on sale. Otherwise, the property is going to start to look beatdown due to the carpeting.

Removes Allergens

Allergens are a major issue for property owners, which is why it is smart to think about removing them right away. When there are allergens spread throughout the home, this is going to lead to issues with potential buyers. They are often going to bring an inspector with them and that is not a good sign at all. This is a potential health risk too.

You want to make sure the problem is nipped in the butt right away rather than letting it linger forever. You want to increase the property’s value by getting the carpets cleaned and this begins with removing allergens.

Comprehensive Cleaning

When a potential buyer scouts a property, they will want to know it’s clean from top to bottom. This means the carpet has to look immaculate. While a first impression is wonderful and that is an advantage of clean carpets, it’s also important to have a wonderful second impression too! A buyer will want to know the carpet is clean from one end to the other. There should be a sense of consistency with how clean the carpets are and that is only possible with the help of a professional service.

When a professional cleaning service uses state-of-the-art equipment to clean everything, they are going to make sure the carpets are impressive to the naked eye. 

This is what makes all the difference in the world. Sellers find it a lot easier to sell their property when the carpets look perfect from all angles. When there are small spots and/or stains in certain areas, they can start to take away from the first impression the property had. Sometimes, a potential buyer is going to look at this little detail and steer clear of the property. It is simply not the way to go and it is better to have the carpet cleaned by the right team.

These are the main reasons to move forward with a professional carpet cleaners company when it comes to the property’s carpeting. Otherwise, the buyer isn’t going to like what they have to see and it can ruin the selling process. Putting a property on the open market is easier said than done and it’s important to put your best foot forward with a clean house.

If the property isn’t clean, the chances of completing the sale go down the drain quickly. This alone is a major issue and it’s essential to hire the help of a carpet cleaning company to present a clean property to your buyers.


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