Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Homestead

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When constructing a homestead, most people forget about water pressure until they face a problem. With multiple fixtures, it brings about a dip. When there is a one-off change in water pressure, it should not be a concern. It is imperative to be attentive to any sudden drop in water pressure. The issue could happen over time, and there is continuous low water pressure.

In case it is a common problem with low water pressure, it is high time to carry out an investigation. It is easy to solve one plumbing issue; common low water pressure is an indication of a severe plumbing problem.

Find below-listed some of the common reasons for low water pressure:

  • Water valve issues: Water delivered in your home is from the city’s main water supply. The two major valves are the main shutoff and the water meter valve; the meter valve is on the leading water supply piper and next to the water meter. The location is in the exterior wall of the house, in the basement or underground box.

When you experience low water pressure, it is a clear indication the water meter valve is not open. The primary reason for that is when you had work done in the house. When turned back on, there are chances the meter valve was not closed hence the low water pressure.

The main shutoff can be left partially closed, leading to low water pressure. Its location is inside the home near the main water supply connecting to the internal plumbing system. The main shutoff valve is in two sections; a gate valve and a ball valve. When installing the ball valve, ensure that it has a lever and should be parallel to the pipe. For the valve to open fully, it has to be turned counterclockwise for the valve to open and avoid any low water pressure entirely.

  • Corroded pipes: Corrosion happens where there are old steel pipes. It can be one of the reasons for low water pressure. It will restrict water flow in your homestead. The challenge is that this problem develops over time; you may not notice when it happens until severe corrosion happens. It is one of the worst and most expensive cases of low water pressure. You will need to replace the old plumbing system with plastic or copper pipes.
  • Clogged plumbing: When clogging happens in the plumbing system, it may lead to low hot water pressure. For this cause, you will need to seek the services of a professional. Look for a licensed plumber to do a pipeline video inspection, to see the situation and know of the right solution. Avoid any DIY approaches; plumbing problems should be addressed by a professional. Plumbing repairs have many unpredictable consequences, and improper plumbing brings about contamination and harmful bacteria. It is the reason you will need an expert to handle all the plumbing problems.

Clogged plumbing brings about weak water pressure; this is why you will need a blocked drain plumber for the problem. What interferes with water flow is limestone and rust buildup on the faucets and showerheads. Another consequence is the reduction in water quality.

  • Regulator malfunction: Faulty pressure regulator causes low water pressure. It leads to the reduction of input pressure in the plumbing system and hence damaging the pipes. Low pressure in the regulator reduces water pressure. When there is a malfunction in the pressure regulator, you will notice a sudden drop in water pressure. You will need to attach a pressure gauge to know if the pressure regulator has a problem. The next step will be to run the water to get the water pressure reading. 52 to 75 pounds per square inch is the advisable water pressure. When the water pressure is not within the range, you will need a pressure regulator replacement.

Low hot water pressure is a plumbing problem that needs fixing. When you notice the problem, ensure you fix it on time. It will help in avoiding any future damages. The moment you notice low water pressure, start looking for the underlying problems. When not handled on time, it can cause severe damages and repairs. That is the reason you need to be alert to solve the problem on time. Always remember to seek the services of plumbing experts.




Ref number: THSI-1936


Ref number: THSI-2411

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