Cleaning services you need when moving house

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If you’re moving house, there are some excellent cleaning services that you can take advantage of. Whether you are moving from a rented property and want to get as much of your deposit back as possible. If you’re selling your home and want it to have a significant impact on potential buyers, there is a cleaning service perfect for your needs.

We will take you through all the cleaning services you have at your disposal when moving house below. There are cleaning services for the renters, the sellers and the buyers of homes. You’ll need to find the best cleaning company to provide these cleaning services.

Moving from a rented property

Moving out of a rented property is extremely stressful. Not only do you have to pack everything up, but you also have to ensure you leave the property in the best condition possible. If you don’t, your landlord may charge you additional cleaning fees to get it ready for the next tenants to move in.

A lot of deposit disputes in the UK are about cleaning properties. So the cleaner the property is at the handover, the more likely you will receive your entire deposit back without a lengthy process adding to the stress of moving.

While you can clean the property, an end-of-tenancy clean is probably the biggest cleaning job you can undertake. A lot of landlords and estate agents use a cleaning checklist at handovers. Or, at least, check commonly missed areas to confirm that the property has been cleaned thoroughly.

Without access to this cleaning checklist or knowing what these areas are, cleaning a rented property to a landlord’s requirements is nearly impossible. And, even if you have access to a cleaning checklist, they are available online, and you’ll quickly realise how much of an undertaking it is to clean a property to such a high standard.

The desired outcome of an end-of-tenancy clean is to wipe the slate clean completely. Remove all evidence that a property has been lived in before so that new tenants can move in and have a fresh start. For us mere mortals, this is incredibly hard to do. It is part of their daily life for an end-of-tenancy cleaning team.

End of tenancy cleaning

As you can imagine, an end-of-tenancy clean is in-depth. Every corner, cabinet, and carpet is perfectly cleaned during this cleaning session. Every commonly missed area is taken care of, and every dust particle is removed.

When an end-of-tenancy cleaning is complete, a rented property feels sterile. It is quite a strange experience to go through. To see the place you once called home turn into a completely blank state again. However, this is exactly what your landlord is looking for. They want their property back, ready for the next tenants to move in. When an end-of-tenancy clean is done right, the new tenants receive a property ready to make their homes.

End of tenancy cleaning is worth looking into. Moving is already stressful enough. But adding the most extensive cleaning job of your life to the list of things you need to do during the move is enough to break most people! A good quality end-of-tenancy clean can significantly affect how smoothly a move will go from a rented property.

Selling a property

Just like landlords want their rented properties back in a sterile state, ready for their new tenants, homeowners can also benefit from the disinfection of their property. If you’re selling your house, “you need to spruce up your home to attract buyers”, according to Martin Lewis from MoneySavingExpert, what they would do to make it their own. A great way of helping them achieve these daydreams is to create a blank canvas. And a great way of creating a blank canvas, along with decorating choices, is to take advantage of some cleaning services.

Deep cleaning services

Deep cleaning services are an excellent tool for people selling their homes. These services cleanse your entire property and can be customised to suit your needs. Every area of your home will be cleaned from the oven to the toilet and the kitchen cabinets to the wardrobes. Everything will be dust-free and beautifully clean.

A deep clean service allows potential buyers to see your property in its best light. They can imagine living in your home and what they would do to it. When a property isn’t cleaned to perfection, it is tough for potential buyers to look past the dust and clutter and imagine themselves in the home. They tend to focus on the problems they’d need to put right rather than the potential of the space.

Carpet Cleaning

When looking for a deep cleaning service, it is worth looking at additional services you can add to a deep clean. Carpet cleaning is an excellent example of one of these additional services. Most companies don’t include carpet cleaning in a deep clean as it isn’t always required.

Adding carpet cleaning, though, offers a whole other dimension to the cleanliness of your home. A giant carpet shampooing machine removes all the dust and grime in your carpets and makes them look brand new again. It can also get rid of many stains on the carpets.

Adding carpet cleaning to your deep clean can save you money on replacing the carpets and is an excellent finishing touch to a deep clean. It ensures every aspect of your home looks fantastic and allows potential buyers to see it in the best light possible.

Window cleaning

The windows of our home are often an afterthought for many of us, but they are key when selling a home. Freshly cleaned windows allow buyers to see your property as a bright, fresh and exciting place. They also ensure that any lovely views or the amazingly manicured lawn are fully displayed.

While most cleaning companies include interior window cleaning in a deep clean, exterior window cleaning is often optional, if available. It is well worth considering adding window cleaning to your deep clean to ensure your home looks the best.

Oven cleaning

We mentioned oven cleaning above, and while some companies offer this service as standard in deep cleaning, others don’t. Like the landlord’s checking commonly missed areas during handovers earlier, potential buyers are just as quick to spot potential areas of concern.

If your oven isn’t clean, it can give potential buyers the idea that, while the house looks good at a glance, things may not be as they appear under the surface. So, if the cleaning company you use doesn’t include oven cleaning as standard, it is worth adding this cleaning service to your deep cleaning.

Oh, and just before we move on to moving in, it is always a lovely gesture to have your house deep cleaned after you’ve moved your furniture out to welcome the new owners in.

Are you moving into a new home?

While some people selling homes give them a deep clean after moving their things out to welcome in the new owners, sadly, some don’t. If you’re moving into a new house and are concerned about the condition it will be in, there are several cleaning services you can use to make it feel like home right away.

Our old friend, the deep clean

A deep clean of a home you have just moved into can make it feel like your own. And this is the perfect time to have a deep clean. Ideally, you’ll be able to arrange for a deep clean of your new property before you move any of your things in. Or, you might be able to put your things into one room and have the rest of the house cleaned thoroughly, then all you need to worry about is cleaning a single room.

A deep clean of your new home completely reset it. It wipes any evidence of anyone else leaving there away and allows you to begin building the home of your dreams quickly. Like with the deep clean we mentioned earlier, additional cleaning services can be used to make the most of your deep clean. A carpet cleaning can breathe new life into the carpets and make them look new. If there is a built-in oven, professional oven cleaning can transform it and make it shiny and new. And window cleaning can be the finishing touch to bring the whole space to life.

After-party cleaning

Another excellent cleaning service to use after you move into a home is after-party cleaning services. Not all cleaning companies offer this service, but it is worth exploring if a local cleaning company offers it.

If you’ve moved into a new house and want to celebrate with a party, cleaning up after a party is never fun. Well, in the words of the great Homer Simpson, ‘can’t someone else do it’? Yes, they can.

Some cleaning companies offer after-party cleaning services that take care of everything. They’ll remove the impressive mountain of empty wine bottles and beer cans. Remove any evidence of the lovely spreading you put on. Get rid of any stains that may have occurred during the evening, and ensure all party hats are neatly stacked up and ready for the next event.

After-party cleaning services take care of your hard work after a fun night. Granted, the cleaners won’t make a full English for you in the morning, but at least the cleaning will be taken care of, and your moving-in party will have been a wild success!

Regular house cleaning services

Now’s a great time to consider hiring a regular cleaner to come to your new home. Just as you have researched all of the schools in the area, the best pubs and the nearest supermarkets, the same amount of research should also be put into finding the best local cleaners in your area.

Regular domestic cleaning sessions are perfect for keeping on top of the cleaning. If the last homeowners left home in excellent condition, or you’ve had it deep cleaned, it is well worth trying to keep it as lovely as possible, and a domestic cleaner can help here.

Regular domestic cleaners can come to your home once a day, once a week, once a fortnight or monthly for an allotted time. The typical domestic cleaning session is two hours once a week. During this time, a cleaner can get a large portion of the cleaning tasks done for you. They will dust, vacuum, change beds, put the washing on, and clean bathrooms and the kitchen.

And if you feel that you need extra help with your house cleaning, you can look into housekeeping services. Housekeepers’ cleaning services are very similar to a regular domestic cleaner, but a housekeeper can be with you much longer. You can even hire a full-time housekeeper if required.

Just completed a home renovation?

Moving into a new home is a fascinating time, and once the initial stress is out of the way, it might be time to begin renovating the property. If this is the case, there is, once again, a cleaning service that you can use.

After-building cleaning services

As you’ll know, if you’ve had builders in your home before, the dust from building work can get over everything. No matter how careful the builders are, a layer of dust will cover every surface of your home.

After-building cleaning services use professional vacuums to eliminate all of this dust and leave your home perfectly clean again. These are similar to deep cleans in how thorough they are, so they are an excellent way of saying goodbye to the renovation stage and welcoming in the ‘let’s go buy new stuff for our new home’ stage.

No matter what stage of renting, buying or selling a property, there is a cleaning service that you can use. Finding a good quality cleaning company to provide these services ensures you always get the results you want to provide the best first impression of your home to potential buyers, to receive your deposit back from your landlord or to make your new property feel like your new home.

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