Climate-Friendly Features Every Home Should Have

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Climate-Friendly Features Every Home Should Have This 2022

As a homeowner, investing in your home should be a must. It’s only fitting to make the place where we stay and live look and feel comfortable. It would be best if you didn’t let it go out of style. Instead, you should do your best to improve your home’s state to make a better living space for yourself and your family.

If you currently own your household, take advantage of the control and freedom you have with your property. Since there have been many home upgrades nowadays, there are tons of ways you could increase the value of your home and make it more appealing.

For instance, utilizing a new security system in your home, changing your lights to a more eco-friendly option, or even adding a touch of climate-friendly features will make a massive difference in how you live your life. But of course, in a positive way. Many are inevitably affected by the changes due to climate change. Thus, here are some of the few climate-friendly features you could try in 2022 to improve your house.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is one of the most common climate-friendly features you must add to your home. It’s designed to be hidden when seen indoors as it’s attached to the ceiling, and most of its parts are inside the roof space. In this sense, it saves a lot of space in your house and allows you to decorate your home without the fear that the unit will not match the entire look of your house.

Typically, you would see ducted air conditioning used in various office establishments since it’s highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. With this, there’s no reason for you not to have this in your home.

The most exciting thing about this kind of unit is that it could be energy-efficient and eco-friendly since it has a full climate control feature. That said, some units could be operated through a smartphone app that allows a person to turn on the AC before heading inside or turn it off even if they forgot before leaving.

Also, according to Stinson Air & Solar, ducted air conditioning is a great way to keep your home hot or cool with a single touch of a button. It’s a great home solution to extreme climates since you can customize the temperature in any room you want. This kind of appliance isn’t loud, so people who are sensitive to loud noises or don’t appreciate the sound other AC units make would love this in their homes!

Solar Panel

If you’re looking for low-maintenance and energy-efficient energy sources, you’d never go wrong with having a solar panel in your home. A solar panel works by converting the sunlight into electrical energy through the panel mirrors exposed outdoors that concentrate solar radiation. With the energy generated, it provides power to be used for electricity.

Moreover, shifting to solar panels doesn’t harm the planet since it doesn’t create any pollution to work. Thus, it has no negative effect on the environment. But, if you plan on having this feature in your home, ensure that it stays clean and keeps away any debris that blocks the sunlight from hitting the panels.

Greywater Recycling Systems

Many water-saving techniques help you save money and lower your water bills, like turning off a faucet when not in use, reducing water consumption, and more. But if that doesn’t work for you, then it’s best to have a greywater recycling system installed.

A greywater recycling system allows you to collect the water you used from taking a shower, during baths, laundry water, and sinks and reuse it for non-potable uses like watering trees and ornamental plants or flushing a toilet. For some, it may seem that once the water turns dark, they may no longer use it, but this system allows people to conserve more water and lower their consumption.

Double Glazed Windows

A double-glazed window is designed to effectively help in providing a good insulator against heat and cold. Typically, it has two glass panes and a small space in between. The space in between makes it difficult for heat and loud noises to enter.

Compared to a single-glazed window, double-glazed provide better insulation while allowing plenty of natural light to enter. Also, they’re perfect for homes because the gap between the two glass panels helps keep a place feeling cool during summer and warm during winter. Thus, you can expect reduced energy usage if you have this installed in your home.

Smart Home Voice Control Device

Connecting devices via Bluetooth allows you to use your voice to control things around your homes, such as your electrical appliances, lighting, room temperature, air conditioner, and more. A voice control device in your home could make your tasks easier and faster.

Not to mention, smart home voice control devices are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, like Google Assistant and Alexa. These devices help control lights and electronic devices, so you wouldn’t worry about suddenly forgetting to turn them off.

Also, you could activate better home security and reduce human efforts, which could be great for time-saving. Nowadays, you can have a voice control device in multiple areas in your home with just a single command; thus, it’s one of the best innovations out there, especially for people who are always busy.

Final Thoughts

Having your own home is already an outstanding achievement since you finally have a place to call your home. But, other than owning one, you must also know how to take care of it through various home improvements you could do. In this sense, you can save up more on your bills, enjoy your stay in your house, and make your place a better space with the various climate-friendly features mentioned above that you could do!

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