College Students Can Expect Small Living Space

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Campus Housing Provides Minimal Room for Residents and Belongings

College students planning to live on campus are urged to bring only necessities from home. Closet and desk space is limited. Rooms are shared with other students.

College students preparing to live on campus for the first time are in for a big surprise – unless one has researched the university student housing quarters. On-campus living accommodations for college students are traditionally relatively small. Students can expect little more than a single bed, desk & chair, minimal closet space, and drawer space.

Beware of the Annual Off-to-College Shopping Spree

Department store ads begin advertising back-to-school items in mid-summer, including supplies for students going away to college. Dorm-size refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs are at the top of the list. But before investing in a lot of unnecessary “luxuries,” new students are advised to check out the available living space first.

Some students prefer to take a lot of books and copybooks. However, it is not necessary because it is easier to purchase all these things when required. To save time and space, the other part of students use essay writer services. In this case, bookshelves and tables are not loaded with a significant number of papers.

Don’t count on having space for over-size audio speakers or a lot of electronic equipment; there is simply no room. Students with sports equipment or musical instruments will have even less space unless these items can be stored in a locker or storage room on campus. As for shelves and wall-mounted items, many colleges and universities limit nail holes and won’t allow hardware to deface the walls.

Housing Items List for College Dormitory Students

The rule is simple: Bring only the basics. Going off to college and living in the dorm is not a move to an apartment but is a temporary move into a small bedroom that will most likely have to be shared with at least one other student. Don’t forget that roommates will also have belongings, so space is limited even when divided evenly. Some universities offer an online video of typical campus housing.

Trunks are ideal for transporting college student belongings and can usually be stored in a designated storage area during the semester. An essential list of college dorm supplies might include:

  • The less bulky, the better.
  • Alarm Clock. College classes begin early in the morning.
  • Towels and shower supplies. (Hint: A pail works great for making soap, shampoo, and other items into the shower area.)
  • There is hardly a college in existence that does not list a laptop as one of the requirements for admission. Don’t count on having room for a printer or scanner, though. Some residence halls have computer rooms with wireless equipment access.
  • Desk lamp and study supplies. Books will take a lot of desk space, so keep extra supplies to a minimum. Some dormitory desks have cabinets with reading lights installed.
  • Winter clothes can be stored in a trunk and kept in the residence storage room if there is one. Ladies are reminded to limit pairs of shoes and handbags.
  • Personal hygiene and grooming items. Bring only what’s needed, as space and electrical outlets are limited.
  • Athletic gear and musical instruments. Include these if they are a part of course studies.
  • Hobby Equipment. Tennis rackets and guitars don’t take a lot of space, but it’s wise to keep hobby equipment to a minimum.
  • iPod, personal CD player, hand-held video games. Items such as these are small and provide hours of enjoyment. They’re also quiet and can be played when other students are studying.
  • Posters, photos, and decorative accents for walls. Check to see what’s allowed. Reminders of family and friends help ease the transition to a new life away from home. (Hint: Be considerate of roommates when displaying material that may be considered offensive to others.)
  • Laundry basket. A laundry bag works well, too.
  • Unless the campus is small, a bike is necessary to get from one class to another on time.
  • Cleaning supplies. Include a spray bottle of green cleaner and a couple of rags to get the job done. Even though the rooms are cleaned by housekeeping staff during semester breaks, it’s advisable to wipe down surfaces before putting belongings away. Each room usually has its trash can, and there may be a utility closet for brooms, etc., that all students in the hall can share.

Resident College Students Are Urged to Leave Non-Essentials at Home

Each college or university should supply a list of items for the dorm student. Some things should be left at home or on the department store shelves. Schools that have residence halls typically have a TV room. Some have snack bars and vending machines, or even kitchen areas with microwaves, ironing boards, and such. Laundry facilities are indeed provided for resident students.

It’s not advisable to bring:

  • Elaborate audio systems with oversized speakers. A compact stereo system works best, especially one with a headphone jack.
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Microwave, hot plate, popcorn popper, kitchen cookware, etc.
  • Floor lamps, throw pillows or any unnecessary room accents that will take up valuable space.
  • Large TV, game systems, recorders (small TVs are fine, but check ahead for available satellite/cable hookup and any extra fees involved)
  • Advertised compact refrigerators that are “perfect for dorm rooms” take up valuable desk or floor space.
  • Sports equipment and/or musical instruments that are big and unnecessary

Life in a college dorm takes getting used to. Space is at a minimum, and so is privacy. Students who go to college to study and learn have a right to peace and should not put up with a roommate’s loud music or excessive clutter.

New students are urged to bring essential living items to the dorm and are advised to use headphones for personal electronics as a courtesy to others. Check the list provided by the school to see what is allowed in the dorm room – and what is not permitted – before leaving home.

Ref : THSI-2489 / ZD22185

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