Creating an Open and Spacious Feel with Glass Railings

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Railings are essential to any home or building, providing safety and security. However, it doesn’t have to be limited to that. You can create stylish and sleek railings with the right design and material selection while maintaining structural integrity.

The transparency of glass allows light to pass through, creating an airy and spacious feel in any room and making it appear brighter and more open. From balconies to staircases, there are plenty of options for incorporating these beautiful pieces into your home or business. Here are some ideas for creating an open, spacious feel with glass railings.

#1. Use a Frameless Design

With glass as railings, you will surely enjoy an uninterrupted view despite its existence for your safety. Opting for a no-frame railing system will make it appear more open, uncluttered, and sophisticated. It will make it appear as if the railing is not even there.

Have your railing system installed and designed by experts. They can give you recommendations that can be suited to your space’s architecture and design.

#2. Choose Thick Glass Railings

Selecting thicker panels for your railings system will create a more luxurious look that draws attention away from its structure and instead focuses on the beautiful views beyond it. In addition, thicker glass is more durable and ideal than thinner glass.

#3. Install a Mix of Horizontal and Vertical Bars

Putting up a combination of horizontal and vertical bars will create visual interest and provide more stability and strength to your railings. This can also be accomplished by alternating glass panel sizes, which makes it look modern and no-fuss.

#4. Have Railing Posts Placed on the Inside

Another modern approach to installing glass railings is placing the railing posts inside rather than outside. This will make it appear that your barriers are floating and give an open visual effect. This placement also helps make it easier to clean and maintain, as it will be out of the way and less likely to collect dirt or debris.

#5. Incorporate an Uplighting Feature

Glass and uplighting will make the perfect mix to achieve a magical and sophisticated look for your glass railing to stand out, mainly indoors or in the evening. This type of lighting adds dimension and depth to any space, creating a dramatic effect that will help illuminate your area without removing the airy feel of your glass railings. It can also positively affect a person’s mood and overall well-being.

#6. Opt for a Matte Finish

Choosing a matte finish can do just that for those who want to add texture and character to their glass railing. This will give it a more subtle approach than glossy ones, creating a minimal, modern appearance that still stands out. The matte finish also helps to create a more muted look that won’t take away from the space as much, allowing more light to make its way through the glass and make it look more open.

#7. Go for Angles or Curves

Create dynamic and exciting designs with angled or curved rails that twist around corners or spiral upwards toward different levels. The interplay of angles will create visual interest, while the openness of the railings will ensure plenty of light passes through for an airy feel in any room. Moreover, the curved forms of bars will draw the eye up and create more appeal in any space.

#8. Use Brackets Instead of Posts

For a more streamlined and contemporary look, it’s recommended to go for a bracketed glass railing system. The brackets tend to be less bulky when compared to posts that hold up the railings, making it appear that the panels are floating instead. This will also help enhance openness while providing a light yet sturdy structure that contributes to the safety of your space.

#9. Opt for a Mix of Materials

Mix-and-match is always a fun thing to do, just not when it’s overdone. Combining glass with materials like wood or metal can create interesting visual effects that add texture and character to any space. This type of combination works incredibly well in contemporary designs where different materials play off each other beautifully.

#10. Incorporate Colored Glass

Glasses are not limited to one colour and look. Incorporate a tint in your rails to create a more dynamic and vibrant look while maintaining an airy and spacious feel. Whether you opt for subtle hues or bold shades, this type of railing can add visual interest without taking away from the openness of your space.

These are just a few recommendations for creating an open, spacious feel with glass railings. Also, have a partner professional to help you achieve a modern and effective glass railing system! You will find the perfect interior or exterior design with many options.

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