Design your bedroom for a better night’s sleep

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Sleep good, feel good, isn’t that what they say? Though getting enough shut-eye isn’t always easy. Your bedroom can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep. If you are looking to make a few changes to your sleeping sanctuary, you’re in the right place. Here are some simple, budget-friendly ways to design your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

  • Choose sleepy colours


The colours you choose to bring into your room can have a big impact on your mood and of course, sleep. To maximise relaxation, go for lighter shades like pale blue, white or cream for your walls. They can create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Add a splash of your brighter colours with less permanent, smaller features such as rugs and books. Take note of any rooms and places you find relaxing and help you unwind when visiting friend’s houses or on trips away. The colours associated with these places are good inspiration for your own room. Creating a soothing bedroom will set you up for drifting off for deep, restorative rest. 

  • Invest in an awesome duvet

What you wrap yourself up in at night deserves some attention. The right duvet can keep you cool, cosy and comfortable from lights out till morning. Many of us struggle with overheating, which is why choosing natural materials like bamboo can help. The super soft fabric is temperature intuitive, reacting to your body temperature to keep you cool though the summer and cosy all winter. The benefits don’t stop there, bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic so ideal for allergy sufferers. It’s worth taking some time to shop around to find the best bamboo duvet, after all there is no greater investment than a good night’s sleep.

  • Shut out the light

 Sleep experts recommend keeping your bedroom as dark as possible to drift off. While an eye-mask can do the trick, there are other ways to shut out the light. Black out blinds are a great option for your bedroom, as our thick curtains. There are plenty of options in terms of colours and designs so choose an aesthetic that suits your style and compliments your existing décor. Electric blinds even allow you to set a timer so you can control your sleep/ wake cycle, choosing when you let the light back in the morning. Whether you decide to go for curtains or blinds, sticking to a good bedtime routine is also essential to making sure you wake up feeling revitalised and refreshed.

  • Get bedtime comfortable

A bed you love is a must for good rest so now is a perfect time to get set up. Let’s start with your mattress, you want this to be firm enough to be supportive and soft enough to be comfortable. While everyone has different preferences when it comes to a mattress one thing most agree on is a mattress topper can work wonders. If you are not ready to change your mattress, adding a topper is a simple, cost- effective way to get things comfortable. Next up is your bedding, the right materials are key to getting quality rest. Stick to natural, breathable fibres that are gentle and cooling on your skin. It’s also good to pop them in the was regularly, we all know there is nothing better than freshly washed sheets. With a little effort and the right set up, bedtime will soon become the best part of the day.

  • Keep it cool

 Setting your thermostat at bedtime ‘o clock will set you up for a better night’s rest, and save on the heating bills. Your body temperature decreases during sleep and a cool, dark room promotes the production of melatonin which will help you drift off and stay asleep. While cool, breathable bedding can help you might want to go one step further. A small fan is a great addition to help keep you cool in the summer months, shop around to find one that is not too noisy. Around 18 degrees is the recommended temperature when it comes to bedtime. You may want to also keep a window open in summer, as when it comes to a good night’s sleep it’s best to keep things cool.


 Your bedroom plays an important role in keeping you happy and healthy so it is worth taking the time to make it feel as comfortable as possible. Be sure to add your own personal touches. The more effort you put into getting it just right, the more you will look forward to relaxing and enjoying the space. Whatever they may look like, make the adjustments you need to create the perfect sanctuary to rest your body and mind and wake up rejuvenated. As we all know, there is no greater magic than a good night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams.

Ref : THSI-2709 / ZD.24257

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