Distribution Board Smart Meter

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• Comes complete with 30A clamp-on current sensors
• Single phase or three phase (software configurable)
• Available for self install or with fully comprehensive installation service
• Each sensor can measure up to 30A, i.e. 8,000 Watts 

1- Channel Kit: £135-00 (inc. VAT – P&P)
3 – Channel Kit: £203.99 (inc. VAT – P&P)
6 – Channel Kit: £273.99 (inc. VAT – P&P)
16-Channel Kit: £485.99 (inc. VAT – P&P)

• A Smart Meter designed for installation within a distribution cabinet (i.e. a fuse box)
• Get a breakdown of where your electricity is being used: Air Con, Lighting, Office IT, Server Room, etc.
• Use to highlight areas of concern in your energy spend
• Great for measuring targets for energy saving and monitoring progress of your energy saving plans
• Simple to install – simply clip the sensors around the wires you wish to monitor (although we do recommend that this work is carried out by a qualified electrician)



• Report of the power being consumed to the nearest 1W every 10 seconds (per channel, slower if so configured) to the Energy Manager
• 30A split-core clamps supplied, no need to rewire
• Encrypted communications for secure operation
• Mesh networking that is compatible with the all other products to give excellent range
• Unique serial number embedded in each product for identification on network

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