Do ‘For Sale’ Boards Really Work?

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The rise of the internet and the digital world has changed the way in which we do things. Rather than actually speak to our friends, we tell them what we’re up to by posting photos and updates on Facebook. We shop online, chat online, watch TV online and even date online. But what about buying and selling houses?

Before the internet took over the world, people would search for houses by visiting high street estate agents and seeing what they had to offer: But now, it is estimated that 95% of people begin their home search online. Because of this, is there actually any point in using more traditional methods to sell your home, such as a ‘For Sale’ board?

Sometimes, ‘For Sale’ boards are seen as a nuisance. The neighbours  will know you’re moving and might gossip about it. You might get strangers come knocking on your door making inquiries about your house. And if your home is taking a while to sell, it could get a bit embarrassing having a board up for months on end. All of these are fairly valid reasons as to why you should avoid the humble ‘For Sale’ board, but it turns out that this traditional method is actually more of a help than a hindrance when it comes to selling your home, especially if you use them in a more unconventional way that compliments the digital age.

Curb Appeal


It is unlikely that someone would move to an area without visiting it first. So while potential buyers are having a walk around your area, they are likely to notice which homes are on the market by noticing For Sale boards outside different houses. To make your home stand out from others, make sure that it looks appealing from the outside: Keep the lawn mown, bushes trimmed, plants fresh and windows cleaned. Not only this, but make sure that you keep your board clean and straight- you wouldn’t buy a tatty looking jacket from a shop and you won’t generate much interest by advertising a tatty looking house, either.

Not only does a For Sale board attract interest from buyers out of town, it will also generate interest from your neighbours, too. Neighbours looking to upscale or downsize their home will first notice that yours is on the market by a For Sale board and prompt them to check it out online (even if they are just being nosey).

Easy peasy

 easy street

Sometimes houses on the same street all look the same, so finding the right house to be at can become a complete and utter nightmare. Rather than send potential buyers up and down the street, trying to find which red-brick terraced house is yours, make it easier by putting a For Sale board outside your house, saving your time and theirs.

Make it unique


For Sale boards can all look the same, so why not make yours stand out from the crowd? There are a couple of rules and regulations that you have to follow when it comes to customizing your board, but other than that you can be as creative as you please. For example, you can try decorating your board with flowers, or even add a brochure board underneath so that passers by can browse through your home without waiting to view it online.

Get down with the kids


Snapchat has pretty much taken over the world, and it is now more than another way that we can let people know what we’re getting up to. Businesses use the app to promote products to their customers, so why not use this method as a way of selling your home? It would give people a better insight as to what it would be like to live in your house, and you could give buyers a virtual tour of your home before they even walk through the door. Simply create an account especially for your house, put the username or snapcode on your For Sale board and you’re away.

for sale board

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