Dorm? Rentals? Or Something Else? Where Should A college Student Live?

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After deciding on what to study in college, the next big question many students have to ponder on is where to live while in college. When it comes to housing options, many students have three options: a dorm, renting a space, or joining a fraternity. One thing is sure here, no matter where you choose to live, it will have an impact (either negative or positive) on your academic performance. So how do you know which is best for you? Putting into consideration the fact that you may need to engage in a variety of activities such as surfing the web for free essays and searching for other resources to help in your study. You need an environment where you will feel comfortable, right? You should also know that the problem of where to stay in school is a matter of personal preference because a dorm might seem right for you while it could be a nightmare to another.

Should you live in a dorm?

Many students prefer to stay in dorms because it helps them to discover more of themselves and improves their study habits. Some students say it also helps them to cope with boredom as they are always excited to share stuff with their mates. Even when it comes to studying online, most students still prefer dorms.

  • Pros

Dorms are relatively cheap for a student who loves to live outside the home while schooling. Studies show that a dorm room will cost around $10,800 a year, which is a cheaper option, primarily if your school is located in an expensive town or city. Another good thing many students love about dorms is that it helps them to live near their mates, make more friends, and discover relationships. If you love an open door policy and hate loneliness with so much passion, you might want to embrace colleges with the best dorms as the perfect option.

  • Cons

Your privacy is never guaranteed with dorm rooms, and you will only have access to limited space usually not more extensive than 130 square feet. Also, university officials and other workers can impose strict rules on dorms and enter your room as often as it pleases them.

Should you rent an apartment?

Students in colleges located in mega towns and cities such as New York may have to pay more to rent a room than those who live closer to campus. An apartment might seem cheaper than dorms, but not without additional expenses. Examples include utility bills, food, and other costs that can increase the cost of living outside the campus.

  • Pros

It’s an excellent option for any student that can handle financial responsibility right. Privacy is guaranteed if you are considering dorm vs. apartment. Also, it’s a good try to know how post-college life feels. If you want more freedom and the ability to shut the door to your room anytime, apartment rental is excellent.

  • Cons

If you love doing homework in groups outside school, such as working on an essay, you might find an apartment rental boring because it doesn’t come with so much “fun” like dorms. Also, if you love studying and writing with friends, you might find yourself taking frequent trips to the college to be with your mates. Aside from these, apartment renting isn’t the best for you if you are still scared of taking real-world challenges and responsibilities.

What about a fraternity or sorority?

You may want to join the famous Greek life as many students do, but this isn’t without a price. The cost of housing varies according to each school and chapter of the fraternity.

  • Pros

An excellent option for students who have extra cash to spend to enable them to live in sonority apartments. These have the privilege of developing a close bond with like-minded people. Another thing is that it helps students to have a good feel of social life so boredom wouldn’t be an issue in this case.

  • Cons

If you are a neat freak and love a quiet environment, then, fraternities can be disturbing. They are always noisy during parties and not always hygienically clean.

The decision is yours to make

We have considered the pros and cons of college dorms, rentals, and fraternities. So which do you think will be great for you? Before you answer, here are a few more guidelines.

You should consider colleges with dorms near me if:

  • You hate being alone
  • You long for leadership roles in college
  • You are a fresher
  • You love small spaces

You should consider rentals if:

  • You hate dorm life
  • You love cooking your meals
  • You have a car
  • You don’t like the idea of showering in a small confined space or walking with just a towel on you in a public glare.
  • You have a job

You should consider fraternities if:

  • You love being social even as a fresher
  • You love to stay in an environment where you can easily spend time with students of like minds.

It doesn’t matter what choice you make (dorm, renter or something else), there are various ways to transform your room and make it look like a real home.


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