Dubai developer MAG launches luxury project in Meydan district of Dubai

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The US$820 million Keturah Reserve project is the latest addition to a string of Dubai-based off-plan projects.

Keturah is MAG’s luxury residential and hospitality brand. The mansions in the AED3 billion (US$820 million) Keturah Reserve in Dubai project are located in the Meydan district.

Dubai-based developer MAG is bolstering its recent launch of AED177 million (US$48.19 million) mansions in a luxury residential complex with this residential complex. In addition to houses, the Keturah Reserve project will strongly emphasise the concept of “biological well-being” as local developers increasingly focus on sustainable project sustainability and wellness infrastructure.

Completion of the MAG project is scheduled for the second quarter of 2025. At its centre will be a 27,870 square meter park “lined with thousand-year-old olive trees collected from all over the world.” The decision also recalls the origins of the developer, the Al Ghadda family, olive farmers, and plantation owners.

The houses will be positioned “at an angle” to maximise natural daylight and “scatter it throughout the interior without excessive heat or glare.” The double-volume interior space will increase the flow of naturally cooled air, reducing the need for air conditioning. Open-plan spaces are also designed without corridors and hallways.

Architect Charlie Wu designed Keturah Reserve. MAG is adding the Keturah brand to its other luxury residential and hospitality projects, including one in Dubai Creek. Eight Ritz-Carlton-branded mansions were listed for sale here, each for 177 million dirhams (US$48.19 million).

Talal Moafak Al Ghadda, MAG’s Senior Executive Chairman, said: “The development is a Keturah concept that uplifts and awakens the deep well-being of mind and body through the innovative design of interior, exterior, and personal spaces, allowing residents to connect with the natural environment.”

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