Eco Your Investment Property for the Summer and Increase Value.

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Eco is huge now and an ever expanding feature that home buyers want so a great idea on your investment property is to include money saving eco features. – UK Property Development Finance Specialists

It’s always nice to be able to save money on your home energy costs. However, it’s even better if you can do it in a way that reduces your impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are many ways to do both at the same time. Once the sweltering summer heat rolls in, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in the comfort of your nice, cool home while being assured that you’re taking steps to protect the planet.


One of the least costly of home improvements, houseplants act as natural air purifiers. They require no filters, no electricity and no manufactured parts. When your house is shut up tight to keep the cool in during the summer, they will do a great job of maintaining air quality and keeping allergens at bay. A surprising number of them will cause dermatitis or severe digestive disturbances when their leaves are eaten or their sap touched, so keep them away from pets and children.

Airtight House

Before it gets hot and you start running your air, inspect your home for cracks, gaps and other ways that the cool air can escape and seal them up as best you can. Pay special attention to the areas around your doors, as this is the most common way to lose cooled air. Your attic can also present a problem. A poorly-insulated attic will allow hot air to practically pour into your home.

Grey Water

During the summer’s dry periods, your lawn and garden will have an increased need for water. Normally, this is incredibly wasteful and expensive. However, you can significantly reduce the impact on your wallet and the environment by installing a grey water tank. The water from your shower, tub and sinks will collect here and you may then use it to water your plants.

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing your home’s conventional windows with energy efficient models is one of the best things you can to to make your home eco-friendly this summer. These special windows are filled with a gas which reduces the loss of heat or cold through the glass. They will keep your home more comfortable and reduce the amount that you have to spend on electricity by hundreds of dollars per year. They also take an enormous load off of the environment. Best of all, installing energy efficient windows make you eligible for a tax credit of 10 percent off of the total cost of your windows.

Rain Barrels

Placing a few rain barrels around your property is a much cheaper alternative to installing a gray water tank. It also serves as an opportunity to recycle barrels or other large containers which may have ended up in the trash. The water you get from them will also me much cleaner and contain fewer chemicals.

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