Effective marketing tools for real estate business

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Despite the shift to marketing real estate online, the sector still requires plenty of offline marketing to see results and build the brand. With the right partner such as Helloprint, you can use offline marketing techniques to drive leads and realise success.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the tools needed to do this.

Printed Materials

High quality printed materials should convey your business as professional. All of your business cards, flyers, brochures, billboard ads, and newsletters, and for sale notices, need to be of the best quality. They should be professionally printed to show your brand in the best light. They will help you establish trust and sell the houses you have on your books.

In many ways, this is going to underpin your marketing efforts, and it must be the best in class.

Once you have your printed material ready, you can start to put in the legwork to build the brand.


If you’re not already, it is a good idea to join professional associations to build up your reputation and to be seen as professional. The chamber of commerce, professional industry bodies together with Young Professionals Network and similar organisations, help you solidify the brand as professional. Along the way, you will be presenting plenty of business cards and establishing an excellent contact list.

If there are business events, ensure you are an attendee.


To build your reputation further try and forge connections with the local press. If you can try and get featured in a publication and offer to provide a column or editorial on the housing market. Radio and or TV broadcasts are better as they have greater reach.

Often, leveraging opportunities as they arise and being quick to do so brings success.

Another way to build your reputation and spread the word about your business is to volunteer with a local charity event. This can offer opportunities to get attention from the local press.


Billboard advertising offers a way of reaching your target audience. Placement is key here as you need plenty of traffic to get results. With the right message and artwork, good billboard placement adds value to your marketing efforts overall.

Due to the nature of the real estate business, marketing takes the form of keeping the brand alive in the minds of potential clients. When they need your services, they will come as you are the brand they know and remember.

Personal Touch

To stand out from your competition, consider adopting a personal style to get results. This could include handwritten letters to successful sellers and to everyone who views a home. You could include information such as local schools, amenities, and transport links to make properties more appealing.

Creating a Newsletter

Creating a newsletter every month keeps your brand alive. Many people like to look at properties, so seeing a professionally produced newsletter once a month with pictures of what’s for sale keeps the brand alive and attracts attention. You can do both an online and offline version.

Much of real estate marketing still occurs offline. Providing you have the right vendor supplying high quality professionally printed marketing materials, you can make a positive impact on your business.

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