Eight Tips to Writing an Essay in A Foreign Language

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If you study foreign languages and need to write an essay, it is a sign that you are improving your speech. Yes! No matter whether you think you don’t have a good command of the language, you are developing. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be asked to write a paper. Anyway, we know that you want to stand out and write impeccable work. We have collected the essential tips to make your essay glossy.

Tip 1: Understand the Question

First things first, you must be sure what the paper should be about. Otherwise, your final essay might differ from what your educator requested you to write. In case you are uncertain what a specific word or the entire question means, clarify that. Once you know what to write, break down the title, and think of the main argument you will include in a thesis statement.

Tip 2: Use Authoritative Sources, Preferably Authentic Ones

Indubitably, it may well be hard to understand a resource written in a foreign language because there are specialized languages students don’t usually dive into. However, this is the best way to remain objective, as many translated sources can be biased and manipulative. You can easily find such journal periodicals, books, and articles on credible web pages, such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, and other websites with .edu and .gov domains. The mentioned domains are reserved for educational as well as governmental institutions.

You may also use such services as EssayBulls, with their cheap essay papers for sale for getting authoritative sources for your paper.

Tip 3: Jot Down the Most Meaningful Questions

Note down the items that might be relevant at first glance. Leave this list for some time and get back to it again. You will see that not every note corresponds with the topic. Be sure to select several questions from the list and try to answer them.

Tip 4: Get Back to Academic Sources to Check the Writing Style

A target language may differ significantly from English, for example. Indeed, the introduction, body, and conclusion can remain the same. But key attributes might be different. If you have some second thoughts regarding the writing style, professional college essay writers are ready to guide you at any time.

Tip 5: Mind the Vocabulary

Repetitiveness is not tolerated in any language. Indeed, the English language has a wide array of synonyms for each and every word. And so, do other languages. Be it Spanish, French, or German, make your language diverse by adding synonyms. Remember, though, to check whether a specific word can be used in the context. Otherwise, the entire sentence may lose its sense.

Tip 6: Identify A Proper Structure

Needless to say, a standard format of English papers is the introduction, Body, the Conclusion. It is pretty straightforward, so there shouldn’t be any questions regarding another possible structure. However, there are exceptions. Many countries follow different writing structures, so although they sound alike, they can differ notably.

Tip 7: Read More Specialized Literature

By reading more scholarly books and articles, you augment your formal vocabulary. Your writing style will be impressive and diverse in the long run. You don’t have to learn by heart archaic words and too sophisticated phrases that natives don’t use daily. Instead, enrich your vocabulary by formal expressions that are present in every article.

Tip 8: Utilize Tools

If English is your foreign language, you have a wide range of useful apps to make your writing skyrocket! Not only do they serve as helpful utilities for foreign students, but also, they are vital for native speakers. It goes without saying that we, natives, commit mistakes frequently. No matter how good we know our mother tongue, it occurs automatically. That is why we always use such tools as Grammarly, OneLook Reverse, and Hemingway app. Let’s describe their feature in great detail.


 The purpose of this application is to correct your writing in terms of grammar. Americans do not use as many tenses and syntactic structures as British people do. However, it would be excellent to use universal forms and several tenses in your writing and speaking. Nonetheless, this app spots your typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and other punctuation mistakes and indicates that, helping you correct them. Besides that, you can set up an overall tone of the paper, making it more or less formal.

OneLook Reverse

 As we have already stated above, you must enrich your vocabulary! With regard to English, it is easy to implement. OneLook Reverse aims to diversify your text with synonyms for different words. Simply write down a word, and this app will demonstrate dozens of synonyms in all parts of speech. It also provides you with antonyms and word definitions.

Hemingway app

 Every non-native speaker wants to sound natural. It is hard to complete when it comes to spoken language. But it is way easier to polish in terms of writing. Many non-natives include too many complicated words in essays. The abundance of such words decreases the entire level of understanding. This app aims to simplify your writing and boost its readability level. It shows adverbs, passive voice, and other undesired words or hard to follow sentences that would be better to erase or rewrite.


Writing an essay in a foreign language is challenging for plenty of reasons. However, nothing is impossible, and the more you write, the better becomes your writing. Employing the mentioned tips, you can be sure that any essay in any language is doable for you.


Ref number: THSI-2060

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