First Five Things You Should Unpack When You Move House

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 Moving House

Moving house is believed to be one of the most stressful times of your life. You have to pack up your old things and prepare to start a fresh life either on your own, with your friends or with a partner. Whoever you’re moving in with, or wherever you’re going, you’re bound to be anxious and desperate to get a few home comforts in place as soon as possible.


A lot of the time, the moving process can go into multiple days. This can mean either travelling back to your old home for a night or two, or staying over in the new one. If it’s the latter – you don’t want to have to keep going back and forth over hundreds of miles – then it’s vital that you’ve got a few items to help yourself get through the stressful and tiring process.


To help you out, here are five items that you need to make sure arrive in your new home as early as possible. To achieve this, however, you need to make sure you know where you’ve packed them – so maybe put them all in the same box, or at least on the first journey in the removal van!



As already mentioned, you might end up having to spend the night in your new house and getting on with it all again the next morning because you’re just too tired to carry on. You don’t want to be doing all the heavy lifting, running around and travelling only to spend your first night on the sofa or on the floor; a night in your own bed will definitely be what the doctor ordered.


Kettle, Tea, Coffee and Mugs

When you first get there, the chances are you’re going to be gasping and in need of a relaxing cup of tea or coffee whilst sitting on cardboard boxes, the stairs or any other vantage points. Get the kettle out of the box and some mugs, get a brew on and relax before you start the hard work, and then you can stop for another one when you’re ready.



If you have children, it’s more than likely that they’ll quickly lose the excitement of moving house and end up round your feet, complaining of boredom. Get the television set up in a room you’re not likely to be using and let them sit in peace and quiet for an hour or two. Then once they’ve gone to sleep for the night you can relax.


Phone Chargers

Of course, these days we can’t live without our mobile phones, so you’ll all need some way of keeping some power to let your friends and family know you’ve arrived safely, to thank them for their help and support or just to catch up if you’re feeling some early homesickness.


Local Takeaway Menu

Possibly one of the most important things will be satisfying the inevitable hunger. You won’t have had the chance to go shopping for food because you were probably too busy looking at kitchen offers from Betta Living, rather than think about the food that will be in them. Having a menu on hand will be a Godsend for a hungry family and the friends who are helping you.


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