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Selling a house? have you considered For Sale By Owner? It;s now getting more and popular to handle the marketing aspect of the house sales process yourself. The House Shop has been helping owners save money by providing them the tools to make a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sale in the UK easier.

For Sale By Owner

Selling a property directly without the use of an estate agent or middleman is known as For Sale By Owner. Having grown up in the US, FSBO is seen as a credible competitor to a realtor led sale with the size of the U.S. FSBO market an estimated 22% of all US house sales. This figure is huge compared to the equivalent UK private house sale sector. The most popular For Sale By Owner websites in the USA include

Without doubt the main motive of a homeowner who opts to sell a house themselves is money. Typical agent fees in the UK for example are based on property value and range from 1.5% to 2.25% +VAT .  This means that most agency fees will always run into the thousands.

For Sale By Owner V Estate Agents Sale


The for sale by owner route is not for everyone, people that require a service from a representative and who prefer the traditional route may not prefer a private sale.  However for those motivated by cost savings and a desire to remain in control a For Sale By Owner sale is the best way forward

Local advertising is now easy with professional For Sale boards. Owners can now match the marketing that an estate agent undertakes but with low fixed costs.

Homeowners are the best people to value a home when they realistically compare like for like. Owners tend to regularly check house prices in their local areas and note what prices are being offered. Use house price websites such as Zoopla, Mouseprice and Nethouseprices to gain a useful insight into local house pricing.

Tips on Pricing A UK Home To Sell By Owner

Listen to my tips on arriving at the right price when you sell your home

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Marketing a home without an estate agent leaves you free of an estate agents contracts. Estate agents contracts can tie a home seller in knots and worry homeowners considering a private sale alongside using the services of an estate agent. When an owner finds a buyer first in most cases they will not have to pay the agents commission.

How To For Sale By Owner

Estate agents and Private House Sales in the UK

Peter Bolton King, the head of the National Association of Estate Agents says that despite the growth of the Internet as a way of finding properties, there are still many good reasons to go with an established estate agent.

He says an estate agent brings a list of potential buyers to each sale. He also points out that viewings and negotiations are best handled by an experienced professional.

I would disagree with this as our experience shows that buyers actually prefer to deal directly with the seller to reach an agreement.

There is a genuine market out there for people who want to go it alone and pocket the commission in the process. Its this reality that has in my view helped the agents portals and those providing services aimed at estate agents close ranks in the UK to help reduce the apparent threat. The House Shop have evidence showing , companies from estate agents software, for sale board suppliers to property portals all refusing to work with us.

Selling a property with a DIY style home sale should be simply a consumer choice not viewed as an evil that needs the might of the estate agents lobby to help reduce its threat.

I wonder what your view is on this?


Nick Marr

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