Four Ways To Deal With Commercial Waste

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With the increasing climate changes and all the hype in the media, it’s no surprise that people are more concerned about the environment. This issue has also highlighted the topic of waste management. On average, waste disposal costs a business about 4% of their turnover, but there is no way to escape this. If businesses intend to stay out of trouble, they must comply with the law, i.e. the commercial waste legislation.

Most businesses have the perception that going green might take a toll on their business profits. However, this is not true. In fact, with a proper waste management program, you not only save money but will also be able to play your part for your environment.

Here are 4 ways you can deal with unwanted commercial waste and reduce its impact on the environment.


Waste not, want not. If you follow the proverb, you can easily get rid of your commercial waste without much hassle. This is the best waste management tip for catering businesses or any other organisation that deals with food. Any unspoiled food can be redirected from landfills to the people who are in need. Non-perishable items that have been discarded for minor defects could mean a lot to a starving person.

Catering services can donate leftovers and any surplus food inventory to food banks, which would ensure that it gets to the right people. There are numerous food rescue programs and food pantries that accept such donations. This way, not only will you be reducing your waste management cost, but it’s a great opportunity to work on your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Reduce and Reuse

The first and most effective way to reduce commercial waste is to try and generate as little waste as possible. The more you concentrate on reducing your waste, the more money you’d be able to save on your waste management. A few changes in the current practices can go a long way in reducing the amount of waste generated.

Repairing and refurbishing old products will eventually prolong their life and will decrease your waste in the long run. Reusing will also free you from the hassle of managing waste disposal, which is a tedious task.


Once you’re done with the reducing and reusing of waste, it’s time to recycle it. Recycling is the best source of conserving resources and saving energy. A lot of commercial waste ends up in the landfills, where it just rots away or it is fed to the incinerators, where it becomes ash and dust. Recycling is the only thing that can save waste. In the current condition, the waste might not be of much use to anyone, but once it has been recycled, it would be good to use again.

There are advantages to recycling that will surely benefit your business. Nowadays, the world is all about going green and recycling is bound to label you as an environmentally friendly organisation. This can you get a competitive advantage and can sustain your business for a long time to come. You can increase your waste recycling depending on the availability of the resources.

If recycling resources are available nearby, you will save costs on transporting waste. Once you have made sure that recycling resources are available nearby, you can start promoting recycling in your organisation. It’s important to educate people to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Arranging a Commercial Waste Collection

Alternatively, you can opt for a commercial waste collection service. This way, you will not have to decide what to do with the waste as you can just call the service and hire them to pick up the waste and you’ll be off the hook. Everything after that would be seen by the service providers. All you would have to worry about is the bill for their services.

This is by far the best option if you are too busy to devise a proper waste management system. The commercial waste will be taken care of and you will be stress-free and able to concentrate on the more important stuff.

It’s a known fact that waste management is costly and failing to follow the prescribed waste treatment can land you in trouble with the law. That is why commercial waste collection services have garnered so much popularity. For some businesses, they are an important part of their work and that’s why you need a service that has high standards of business service and are capable of dealing with all types of business waste.

So, play your part in saving the planet and simultaneously help reduce your business’s waste management costs. Get the services of a professional and just make sure to reduce the use of disposable items. Meet your commercial waste recycling goals and build a better world for generations to come.


Ref number: THSI-2015

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